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STDRA Celebrates 41st Anniversary

STDRA Celebrates 41st Anniversary

STDRA celebrated its 41st anniversary recently at Tan Sri Yeoh Tiong Lay Hall of Wisma Huazhong.

STDRA is Now 41 Years Old!

The Selangor and Federal Territory Tyre Dealers and Retreaders’ Association (STDRA) celebrated its 41st anniversary recently. Held on 7th October at Tan Sri Yeoh Tiong Lay Hall of Wisma Huazhong, the event was well attended by more than 1,000 people.

Before the grand dinner, there was a Machinery Exhibition that attracted the participation of 17 local companies. These included Corida Sdn Bhd, Tyre-Ware Marketing Sdn Bhd, LS Automobile Sdn Bhd, One Solution Equipment Supply, Wonder Internation Sdn Bhd, Webmax Technologies Sdn Bhd, LSK Auto Resources, Liew Koon Marketing Sdn Bhd, Hiap Hoe Loon Tai Sdn Bhd and many others.

“The new government of Malaysia has replaced the Goods and Service Tax (GST) with the Sales and Service Tax (SST), and all the locally produced and imported goods are subjected to SST, effective 1st September. It is our responsibility to remind our members that the new government would take strong action towards business operators,” said STDRA President Goh Sooi Wah.

Firstly, he pointed out, under the Malaysia Price Control and Anti-profiteering Act 2011, it was advisable not to increase the selling price of the old stock or raise the price of taxable items. The offence could lead to a prison term, penalty or both. Secondly, it was recommended that all members kept their accounting records from August 2017 to August 2018 as the Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs might conduct random checks. Lastly, only service businesses that made RM500,000 and above a year would be subjected to the SST. Operators that were not subjected to this tax but whose accounts were automatically registered under the SST category could appeal and apply for exemption. They should be prepared to show the officer their 3-year accounting records to prove that they were entitled for exemption.

“I believe that if we are well prepared and follow the rules, we would be able to get through this transition period,” he added.

Also present was STDRA’s Permanent Advisor Tan Sri Dato Cam Soh, Honorary President Ho Chee Sin, Consultants Phoon Team and Tan Heong Thong as well as MATRDS President Foo Chong Seng, among others.

Wonder Internation Sdn Bhd sponsored a wheel alignment machine 3 99 A, while One Solution Supply Sdn Bhd sponsored a Wheel Alignment machine V2100 and a Wheel Balancer B100 for bidding, and the money would go to the STDRA’s fund.

Among the highlights were the presentation of mock cheques to MATRDS’ Fund (RM3,000), SMJK Yu Hua 2 Kajang Fund (RM10,000), SRJK(C) Chi Man Sentul KL Fund (RM10,000), Rumah Ku KCMC Fund (RM3,000) and Malaysian Association for the Welfare of Mentally Children Challenge Fund (RM3,000), presentation of excellent and reward souvenirs to the members’ children who performed well in colleges, toasting and cake cutting ceremony.



晚宴前的机械展销会共吸引了17家企业参展。其中有许多熟悉的名字如可利达机械有限公司、Tyre-Ware 行销私人有限公司、领先轮胎机械有限公司、One Solution设备供应、万达国际汽车仪器制造有限公司、Webmax科技私人有限公司、LSK汽车资源、刘坤行销私人有限公司、协和轮胎私人有限公司等。


首先,他说,按照马来西亚2011年的统制品和反暴利条规,政府严禁9月1日前库存的免税产品借机起价或过分提高需纳税产品的售价,违规者将被罚款或监禁,又或两者兼施。第二,他建议业者准备好从去年8月至今年9月的账目,因为贸销部可能会随时上门检查 。最后,只有每年服务业务营业额超过50万令吉及以上的公司才需要缴交服务税。无需缴付服务税却被自动注册在需缴付名单里的公司,可以投诉和申请豁免。 不过,业主必须出示公司3年的账目,以证明他们有豁免权。



万达国际赞助了一台3 99A车轮定位仪,One Solution供应私人有限公司则赞助了一台V2100 车轮定位仪和B100轮胎平衡机,让出席者公开竞标,所得款项将全数充作雪隆轮胎同业公会(STDRA)基金。

当晚的重点包括将模拟支票移交马来西亚联合会会务基金(3千令吉)、加影育华中二校基金协会(1万令吉)、志文国民型华文小学基金协会(1万令吉)、我的家孤儿院基金协会(3千令吉)及 马来西亚建安智障儿童家福基金协会(3千令吉),颁发奖励纪念品给在大专院校表现优异的会员子女,以及敬酒兼切蛋糕仪式。

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