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Webmax Helps You Make Sales through Existing Customers

Webmax Sales Existing Customers

With the Webmax innovative automotive software, users could now transform the intangible assets – their customer data – into opportunity.

From Customer Data to Opportunity

Webmax Technologies Sdn Bhd, one of the leading workplace solutions providers, has helped many automotive industry players in Malaysia improve their efficiency and performance since its establishment in 2001.

“Our designed web-based automotive software is very powerful and friendly. It is suitable for all workshops, tyre retailers, wholesalers and manufacturers as well as marketing and sales teams, regardless of their scale and complexity. We continue to grow and innovate, continuously improving our software solution based on industry trend and customer needs,” said Business Director Yap Seong Kok.

With the Webmax innovative automotive software, he said users could now transform the intangible assets – their customer data – into opportunity. This was made possible through Webmax’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) module. For instance, the SMS Reminder helped the workshop operator to alert customers when their vehicles were due for service or certain vehicle parts needed to be replaced.

Communication topped the list when it came to excellent customer service and surveys showed that 98 per cent of all SMS texts were most likely opened and read. Thus, he pointed out that the SMS Reminder was a powerful and effective way to take customer service to the next level. With hectic day-to-day schedules, these alerts were highly appreciated by the customers.

“The SMS Reminder ensures a higher percentage of customers show up for scheduled appointments to receive the services they need. As a result, it helps you to stay in touch with your customers, improve sales operations as well as increase the customer satisfaction level. In short, for workshop operators and retailers, our automotive software could not only offer them the best CRM, but also the vehicle checklist, invoicing and so on.”

As for tyre wholesalers, he added it allowed them to choose customers that they wanted to invite onto the platform as well as control the data and information that the customers could see on the system. These customers could sign into the system and look through product offerings and prices before placing an order via the system, which was efficient and time saving. In short, system users were said to achieve faster ordering and delivery, up-to-date pricing information and better use of staff as well as eliminate endless phone calls for enquiries on prices, order, stock as well as delivery.

Also available is the Incentive Reward function, which is separated into two sections; Incentive Management and Incentive Report. The Incentive Management feature helps users to calculate their incentives and rebates, and keep track of their rewards in real-time, while the Incentive Report generates a report, allowing them to have their target achievement details at their fingertips for better management and control. Again, this helps to save time and manpower.

“For the marketing and sales people, with our Webmax mobile Apps they are able to take order over their smartphone, which is easy and convenient. The response speed gives them a competitive edge, allowing them to be more productive while on the road.”

Yap added that the company was trying to offer its customers the best solution for their business and make their job easier. “Mobile Apps are increasingly playing a vital role in businesses as it allows the sales people to run the business from their smart phones, and those that who do not follow are likely to miss out on the modern, digitally-focused customers. It is no longer an ‘emerging’ trend; it is already a trend. We believe that in the near future, the sales people could generate and print invoices from their smart phones.”

Webmax 协助您透过现有客户进行销售

自2001年成立以来,领先工作场所解决方案供应商Webmax 科技私人有限公司,协助过许多马来西亚业者改善效率和表现。

“我们基于网络的汽车软件,威力强大又容易使用。它适合所有的工作场所、轮胎零售商、批发商及制造商,以及行销与销售团队,不论其规模和复杂性。 我们持续地增长和创新,迎合行业的趋势和客户的需要,改善我们的软件解决方案。”业务董事叶祥国表示。

他说,有了Webmax创新的汽车软件,用户就能够将他们的无形资产,也就是客户的资料转换成商机。用户可以透过Webmax客户关系管理(CRM)模块实现这一点。比如短信提醒(SMS Reminder),可协助修车厂运营者提醒客户他们的车子已到期送来维修,或者车子的某些部件需要更换。






叶祥国表示,公司为客户提供适合他们业务的最佳解决方案,简化他们的工作。“手机应用程序在商业中扮演着一个越来越重要的角色,因为它让销售人员能够透过他们的手机来做生意,而那些没有采用手机应用程序的公司,将会失去数字化的现代客户。它不是个刚冒起的趋势,它已经是个趋势 !我们相信在不久的未来,销售人员将能透过智能手机开发票和打印发票。”

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