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Sumitomo Rubber Establishes New Tyre Wear Detection Technology

Sumitomo Rubber Tyre Wear

Sumitomo Rubber Industries, Ltd (SRI) have established a groundbreaking new technology for detecting tyre wear levels.

SRI Announces Next Evolution of Sensing Core Technology

This means, the company has added tyre wear to the list of its proprietary Sensing Core tyre sensing technology that have already able to detect tyre pressure, load and road conditions.

With this and other advancements to come, its Sensing Core technology will continue to contribute to the realisation of a new Mobility Society by supporting the rise of CASE, MaaS and other new innovations that are already transforming the automotive industry.

According to SRI,  the Sensing Core is an advanced technology that is able to detect various conditions related to tyres and the road, all thanks to the company’s extensive data on its tyres as well as specialised digital filtering technology that can analyse and interpret wheel speed signals (which are transmitted as tyres rotate). One thing that sets this technology apart is the fact that it uses tyres as its sensors, meaning that it requires no additional sensor installation and is completely maintenance-free. Further, by sharing wheel speed signal data and other pertinent information over the cloud, Sensing Core also allows for cloud-based detection of potential issues at the regional level.

Taking full advantage of the extensive knowhow that the company have cultivated over many years of developing high-performance tyres, with this latest advancement, Sensing Core technology is now able to detect tyre wear levels by calculating tread rigidity based on wheel speed signals, engine data and other vehicle information. This technology not only alerts drivers about the wear condition of their tyres, but also allows for centralised management of tyre conditions over the cloud. As such, Sensing Core holds enormous potential for future applications among mobility service and transport service providers, ensuring the overall safety of their operations while greatly reducing maintenance costs.

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