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Linglong Tire’s Factory in Serbia: the First European Facility by China Tyre Industry

Linglong Tire Factory Serbia

After the completion of the LLIE project, the annual output of various high-performance radial tyres would reach 13.62 million units.

Linglong Tire Second Overseas Project

To celebrate the first European factory by the Chinese tyre industry, the Linglong International Europe D.O.O. Zrenjanin (LLIE) project launch ceremony and global partner conference were successfully held in Serbia from 29th to 30th of March, 2019.

Serbia is China‘s first strategic partner in central and eastern Europe and has a favourable environment for development and investment. LLIE is located in the free trade zone of Zrenjanin. It is the second overseas project for Linglong Tire and the largest foreign investment project in Serbia at present. After the completion of the project, the annual output of various high-performance radial tyres would reach 13.62 million units, with annual revenue of US$600 million.

Wang Feng, Chairman and CEO of Linglong Tire, said during the conference: “Linglong’s arrival in Serbia is a great opportunity given by the openness and win-win situation of the times. We would live up to our expectations, ensure the rapid and high-quality construction of the project, strive for early production and at the same time, Linglong would strengthen cultural exchanges and integration with Serbia by contributing to the establishment of a healthy, stable and sustainable economic and trade cooperation between China and Serbia.”

With a history of only more than 40 years, Linglong Tire is competitive in the international market in technology R&D and product quality, and actively implementing the international development strategy and continuously promoting the ‘5+3’ global layout. Previously, it built production bases in domestic cities such as Zhaoyuan, Dezhou in Shandong province, Liuzhou in Guangxi province, Jingmen in Hubei province and the first overseas factory in Thailand.

The latest project applies emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, mobile sensing, big data and industrial robots, among others, to integrate ‘fine management’, excellent quality, green manufacturing and high-end brand into one, and build an intelligent, automatic and green tyre factory to establish a benchmark for high-end intelligent manufacturing and green supply chain system.

The construction of LLIE is expected to help Linglong further develop the European market and improve the timeliness of supply and service quality for European automobile factories. Additionally, it is seen as of great significance to promote the industrial layout of Linglong globalisation and the global influence of Chinese tyre manufacturing.

玲珑塞尔维亚轮胎厂– 中国轮胎行业首个欧洲工厂








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