The All-New Lexus GX Will Sport Toyo Tire’s Open Country

Toyo Tire‘s Open Country, designed with the “Mobility Aerodynamics” technology, enhances fuel efficiency by reducing rolling resistance.

Toyo Tire’s Open Country Supports Driving in Poor Off-Road Conditions

Toyo Tire Corporation announced on 26 June 2024 that its Open Country A/T III had been selected as the original equipment (OE) for the all-new Lexus GX, which went on sale in April 2024 in North America and elsewhere.

Re-imagined as “The Premium Off-Roader,” the all-new Lexus GX has been developed to deliver a superior driving experience in diverse scenarios, whether navigating rugged terrains or cruising along urban streets.

To this new GX, Toyo Tire supplies Open Country A/T III, exclusive all-terrain tires that combine design and performance. It will be available in 265/70 R18 116H size.

Through the application of the “T-Mode” design technology to tire pattern designs, this off-road tyre of the Open Country series supports driving in poor off-road conditions while reducing noise during on-road driving, demonstrating balanced driving performance on varying road surfaces.

Designed also with the “Mobility Aerodynamics” technology, the tyre reduces air resistance produced as tires rotate, thus enhancing fuel efficiency.

In a test conducted by trade magazine Auto Guide earlier this month, the editorial team reached a conclusion that, the Toyo Tire Open Country A/T III is not a perfect all-terrain tyre but it is “as close as it gets”. Auto Guide also said that this tyre “might be a contender for the absolute best all-terrain tyre available today.”

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