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Touch AutoCar Care Group Appointed As No.1 Landsail Brand Dealer in Malaysia

Touch AutoCar Care Landsail

As part of their commitment to the appointment, Touch AutoCar Care converted 3 of their outlets to carry Landsail.

Touch AutoCare Group All Set to Grow Landsail Brand

Karen Tow, Founder and Managing Director of Touch AutoCar Care Group, has been in the tyre-automotive industry for more than 2 decade.

“We are very excited with the appointment as it came at the right timing. I have been working with major tyre brands for the past decades and I foresee the potential of this brand with its complete range of products that covers the different needs in the market and applications, from normal passenger cars, SUVs, UHPs, high end luxury vehicles to run-flat tyres. In addition, the brand is reputable for its quality and reasonable pricing,” said Karen. On the acceptance of the brand, she said, even though Lansail was relatively new, it was positioned well as a value tyre with quality.

As part of their commitment to the appointment, Touch AutoCar Care converted 3 of their outlets to carry Landsail to grow the brand together with CN Allied Trading, the Malaysian distributor for Landsail Tire.

“We work closely with CN Allied Trading to make sure that the company provides product training to our staff. Our staff members are well trained and could advise on the right tyre based on the different applications, driving habits, requirements and customer’s budget. We even show Landsail’s corporate and product introduction video to customers.”

Toh Meng Fook, Commercial Director of CN Allied Trading said, the Landsail brand has been in Malaysia for about 4 years and Landsail tyres were produced by Sentury Tire, one of the biggest tyre manufacturers in China that was ranked among the top 75 tyre companies in the world. In addition, there were 4 fully automated tyre plants in the world and Sentury owned one of them.

What was more impressive, Toh pointed out that Sentury was the first and only intelligent tyre manufacture of Industry 4.0, which became a model for enterprise transformation in the tyre industry.

“It is the only Chinese manufacturer that could massively produce and sell 32-inch, 20-ratio tyres and all series of run-flat tyres. It is also the only Chinese manufacturer that obtained ‘AA’ labelling on rolling resistance and wet grip, and minimise the noise to 66dB, which is the lowest in the world,” said Toh.

It is said that the Industry 4.0 is a name given to the current trend of automation and data exchange in manufacturing technologies. This involves the adoption of the most advanced production, inspection and management devices in all procedures from material, mixing, components, build-up, inspection and warehousing.

It achieves the trinity conception with the most optimised procedure, least labour and shortest logistics. Its output capacity is raised by 50 per cent, the qualified rate reached 99.8 per cent, manual work reduced by 75 per cent with 50 per cent reduced in area usage, saving 8 per cent composite cost compared with the traditional industries.

Innovative Comprehensive Car Care Programme

Karen puts in all her effort to develop her ever-evolving and innovative retail concept. She created and introduced Touch AutoCare’s logo in 2009 to be in the forefront of autocar care retail trade.

“The heart shape logo of Touch Autocar Care implies that we handle the vehicles and serve our clients wholeheartedly with great love, care and passion. Our company’s slogan is Car-ing with a touch!,” she added.

What’s really impressive about Touch AutoCar Care is its 6-Core Values that serves as their ultimate offerings to the consumers, namely Touch Care, Touch Easy, Touch Econ, Touch Com, Touch Corp and Touch for Ladies.

With the TouchEcon (Economical at Touch AutoCar Care), she said, the company could anticipate the vehicle’s problem before it occurred. Regular check-ups and preventive maintenance prolonged the life of the vehicle and helped the customer save thousands of ringgit every year.

“We understand how terrible it feels to enter a dirty-greasy workshop; hence, we put in place TouchCom (Comfort at Touch AutoCar Care) to let you experience an all-time clean and safe environment. In all of our outlets, we have an air-conditioned customer waiting room equipped with Astro and free Wi-Fi services.”

To cater for the needs of the corporate fleet is its TouchCorp (Touch AutoCare for Corporate) programme. Any company or organisation that has a minimum of 10 vehicles is entitled to this service. “Touch AutoCar Care is also a premier corporate car and limousine service centre. We understand the business professionals’ needs and requirements. We are working towards achieving the ISO 9001 and Malaysian Skills Certificate (SKM) accredited centre certification to better serve our customers,” she added.

Today, the Touch AutoCar Care Group has 9 outlets in the Klang Valley, including 4 new ones. All of its outlets are one-stop tyre and auto care centres, and include the engine overhaul service. It is in their expansion program to open up more new outlets in Klang Valley and other major towns throughout Malaysia in the next 5 years.

Touch AutoCar Care 集团被委任为大马头号陆航品牌代理

Touch AutoCar Care集团创办人兼董事经理陶秀祯在汽车轮胎行业已有超过20年的丰富经验。

“我们为这个来得正合时宜的委任感到无比兴奋。自入行以来,我经营的都是主要品牌。然而,我看到陆航(Lansail) 轮胎品牌的潜能,它拥有完整的产品系列,能够满足市场的各种需求和应用。从普通的轿车、休闲车(SUV)、高性能、高档豪华车到漏气保用轮胎,可说应有尽有。再加上该品牌向来以品质和合理价格见称。”她表示。至于市场对该品牌的接受度,她说,虽然陆航是个相当新的牌子,但是它拥有良好的定位,品质佳价格合理。

为显其心志,Touch AutoCare在受委任后便将其3家分店改成销售陆航产品,与陆航轮胎的马来西亚经销商CN Allied 贸易联手发展该品牌。

“我们与CN Allied贸易密切合作,为我们的员工提供产品训练。我们的员工都经过良好的训练,能够按客户的不同应用、驾驶习惯、需要及预算,建议最适合他们的轮胎。 我们还会为客户播放陆航的企业和产品简介视频。”

CN Allied贸易商业总监Toh Meng Fook 表示,陆航轮胎在马来西亚发展已经有4年。它是森麒麟轮胎旗下的其中一个品牌。森麒麟是中国最大轮胎制造商之一,也成功跻身全球轮胎75强。 此外,全球有4家全自动轮胎厂,而其中一间就是森麒麟所有。


“它是中国唯一一家能够批量生产和销售32寸,20 高宽比轮胎,以及漏气保用轮胎的制造商。它也是唯一在滚动阻力和湿地抓地力获得‘AA’标签,轮胎噪音降低至66dB(目前全球最低)的中国轮胎制造商。”

据悉,工业4.0指的是目前制造技术中的自动化和数字交换趋势 。这包含了最先进的生产、检测及管理装置,从原材料、混炼、复合物、准备、检测及库存程序。

它实现了最优化的程序、最少的劳力及最短物流的“三合一”概念。它的产能提高了50%,合格率达99.8 %,体力劳动低于75%,使用的区域减少50%,其综合成本比传统工业节省8% 。


陶秀祯将她所有的努力放在不断发展和创新零售概念上。她在2009年创造和推介了TouchCar Care的商标,使该公司处于汽车护理零售业的前沿。

“Autocar Care 商标有个心型,意味着我们全心全意,热忱地为客户提供服务。我们的口号是 ‘Car-ing with a touch !”她补充。

Touch Autocar Care 的6 大核心价值令人印象深刻,它们包括TouchCare、 TouchEasy 、TouchEcon 、TouchCom、TouchCorp及 Touch for Ladies 。

她解释说,TouchEcon(Economical at Touch AutoCar Care),能够使公司在车子出问题前就已经有所察觉。定期的检查和预防性的维修,能够延长汽车的使用寿命和协助客户每年节省数千令吉。

“我们知道进入一间肮脏、充满油污的修车厂有多么地不舒服,因此我们透过TouchCom(Comfort at Touch AutoCar Care),为你营造一个时时刻刻都如此干净和安全的环境。我们的所有分店都备有空调等候室,客户可以舒服地观看Astro卫星电视节目和使用免付费Wi-Fi。”

TouchCorp(Touch AutoCar Care for Corporate)计划则是为了迎合企业车队的需求。任何拥有最少10部车子的公司或组织就能享有这项服务。“Touch AutoCar Care也是一个首要的企业汽车和豪华轿车服务中心 。我们了解专业的商业需求。我们正努力实现 成为ISO 9001 认证和马来西亚技职认证(SKM)中心,为马来西亚客户提供更好的服务。”她补充。

今天,Touch AutoCar Care集团在巴生河流域拥有9 家分店,其中有4家是新添的。这些分店提供一站式的轮胎及汽车养护服务,包括引擎大修。该公司的扩展计划包括在未来的5年内于巴生流域和国内其他主要城市开设更多新的分店。

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