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Trestor Metallic Plus Brake Pad Install

Trestor Metallic Plus Brake Pad

Affordable and kind-to-the-wallet in terms of fuel consumption as well as maintenance are the biggest factors that drives many Malaysian to purchase this great car, Perodua Myvi. Especially those who are constantly on the road, rushing from one point to another, just like our friend Aqil, who will be sharing his experience in this article. 

Brake Pad Install from Trestor Metallic Plus

Being a salesman, Aqil commutes in his Myvi during the week at work which includes of frequent stop-and-go during traffic hours and slippery roads on the highway during rainy days. While on the weekends or any school holiday, there will be road trips or returning to hometown with family in Kedah.

The Myvi is renowned as the one of the best national cars that money can buy, but to keep Aqil and his family safe, it’s important to match his driving style and vehicle with the right brake pad formulation to achieve the best possible braking performance.

The Trestor Metallic Plus brake pads are ideal for those who find themselves spending a lot of time on the road, and often driving on harsh conditions such as steep roads, traffics that demand heavy duty performance. They have been designed for situations involving frequent braking under load, such as towing and have been tested to ensure that you get the toughest brake pads on the market for the job.

Check out this video to hear what Aqil has to say about his experience with Trestor brake

The Trestor brake is produced by FMP Automotive (M) Sdn Bhd, part of the FMP (Friction Materials Pacific) group of companies. Being the makers of Trestor brake, the group produces a large range of Disc Brake Pads from its operations in Thailand while having Research and Development in Australia.

Trestor Metallic Plus制动片安装




Trestor Metallic Plus 制动片适合那些将许多时间花在路上,经常在困难状况如斜坡,需要重负荷性能的交通情况下行驶的驾驶人。 它尤其适合需要在负载下频繁制动,例如拖拉重物的驾驶人使用,并经过测试证实它是市面上最坚固的制动片。

访问网站,听听Aqil使用Trestor 制动器的经验。

Trestor 制动器是由FMP(Friction Materials Pacific)集团公司之一的FMP汽车(马)私人有限公司所生产。除了生产Trestor制动片外,该集团在泰国的工厂也生产不同类型的盘式制动制动器,并在澳大利亚拥有研发中心

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