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How to Tell If Your Drum Brakes Need Changing?

Drum Brakes Changing

When replacing brake shoes, FMP Automotive Malaysia recommends Bendix brake shoes for stopping power, low noise and dust, as well as durability.

Bendix Brake Shoes for Better Performance

Still found on many cars, especially older ones, drum brakes may look a bit alien and outdated compared to disc brakes. Although the technology is not new, drum brakes are still factory fitted on the rear of new cars. Drum brakes have two common configurations on the rear axle; combined handbrake and foot brake shoes and handbrake-only shoes. Handbrake-only shoes are often fitted inside the disc rotor, like standard drum brakes, and are normally sealed away. This makes visual checking for wear and tear not easy.

How do Drum Brakes Work?

Drum brakes slow down the car by pressing a brake shoe against the inside of the drum brake, the rotating component that spins with the wheels. The drum is made from an iron alloy that is specially formulated to be extremely long lasting. The brake shoes consist of a friction lining bonded to a metal backing plate.

How to tell if your brake shoes need changing?

  1. Inconsistent brake pedal feel. If the rear brakes are drum brakes, the driver may feel vibrations under braking. The initial bite when the brakes are still cold may be lacking. This is because the brake shoes are so worn that they cannot firmly press against the drum.
  2. Hand brake feels loose. If the hand brake requires a hard yank to keep the car from rolling off, chances are the brake shoes need replacing. On a steep incline, if the car moves an inch or so before coming to a rest, the drum or brake shoes would need to be inspected. There is a possibility it could be a loose hand brake cable, which is much easier fix.
  3. Scraping noise while braking. When brake shoes are worn away so much that only the metal shoe platform remains, under braking you would hear a metallic scrapping noise. Once it is this severe, you may have to machine the drum or replace it all together.

FMP Automotive (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd, part of the FMP (Friction Materials Pacific) group of companies, distributes a wide range of Bendix products. When replacing brake shoes, the company recommends Bendix brake shoes for stopping power, low noise and dust, as well as durability. Specially formulated for all driving condition, FMP Automotive (Malaysia) said, ‘You can put your foot down with confidence, every time.’ For more information, get in touch with your nearest Bendix stockist.


鼓式制动器或许看起来有点格格不入,但仍然可以在许多汽车,特别是比较旧款的车子上找到。鼓式制动器虽不是新技术,但却仍会被预装在汽车后轮。鼓式制动器有两种常见的后轮配置,与手刹和脚制动蹄相结合,或者手杀制动蹄(handbrake-only shoes。)手杀自动蹄一般和标准鼓式制动器一样,安装在盘式制动器上,而且通常被密封起来。目测磨耗检查不容易。




1 不一致的制动踏板感觉。如果后轮的制动器是鼓式制动器,司机在制动时会感觉到震动。当制动器冷时,则会缺乏最初的抓地力。那是因为制动蹄过于磨耗,无法紧紧地压住鼓式制动器。

2 手杀感觉松弛。如果手杀需要硬拉才能阻止车子滚落,很可能制动蹄就需要更换了。如果车子斜坡完全停止前移动一英寸左右,就需要检查制动蹄。当然,如果是手杀车线松弛所造成就很容易修复。

3 制动时会发出刮擦噪音。当制动蹄耗损过度,只剩下金属片,你在制动时就会听到刮擦的噪音。一旦如此严重,你可能需要采用车床打磨制动鼓,或完全更换。

FMP汽车(马来西亚)私人有限公司,FMP(摩擦材料太平洋)集团公司的一分子,主要的业务是分销系列广泛的奔德士产品。在更换制动蹄时,该公司建议采用具制动力、低噪音和灰尘且耐用的奔德士制动蹄。经过特别配制,适合各种驾驶状况,FMP汽车(马)表示:“无论何时,你都能充满信心地将脚踩在制动踏板上”( You can put your foot down with confidence, every time)。更多信息,请联络最靠近您的奔德士零售商。

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