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Tyre Manufacturers All Set to Support Electric Mobility

Tyre Manufacturers Electric Mobility

According to EV-volumes website, global electric vehicle (EV) sales reached 6.75 million units in 2021, 108 per cent more than in 2020.

All You Need to Know About EV Tyres

This volume, the website said, includes passenger vehicles, light trucks and light commercial vehicles. The sales of EVs have increased, with growth in all three top auto markets: China, the U.S. and Europe.

With EV and clean energy driving the transformation of mobility, it is time to learn more about EV tyres.

TyreSafe, a UK charity, pointed out that owners of EVs should be aware that EV tyres have characteristics that separate them from those designed for use on petrol and diesel cars.  For replacing the tyres, TyreSafe recommends a like-for-like replacement of EV tyres for safety reasons. Installing the wrong type of tyre could lead to loss of range, increased noise and excessive wear, which will result in long-term costs.

Compared to combustion vehicles, EVs are overall heavier due to their battery packs. The EV’s batteries are very heavy, which places additional strain on the tyres…..

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据EV-volumes网站的报道,2021年全球电动汽车(EV)销量高达675万辆,比2020年增长 108%。该网站称,这一销量包括乘用车、轻型卡车和轻型商用车。随着中国、美国和欧洲三大电动汽车市场的增长,电动汽车总销量也有所提高。





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