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Tyrexpo Asia 2019 Takes Pole Position in Attracting Automotive Ecosystem

Tyrexpo Asia 2019

Tyrexpo Asia revs up momentum this year by co-locating with GarageXpo 2019 and Automotive Aftermarket Asia 2019.

Tyrexpo Asia 2019 Welcomes 80 First-time Companies

The 12th edition of Tyrexpo Asia would be co-located with GarageXpo Asia and Automotive Aftermarket Asia, Singapore EXPO, from 19th to 21st March, 2019

Asia’s most well-attended and go-to sourcing platform revs up momentum this year by co-locating with GarageXpo 2019 and Automotive Aftermarket Asia 2019.

This move brings together an even more comprehensive community of automotive players in manufacturing, distribution, wholesale, retreading and fleet operation as well as car workshop owners and aftermarket accessory enthusiasts.

Known in the tyre industry as the only show of its kind that attracts a high 80 per cent attendance from quality buyers and visitors in the Asia Pacific, Tyrexpo Asia 2019 also welcomes 80 first-time companies such as Tionale Pte Ltd from Singapore, Magna Tyres from the Netherlands, Globe Tyres from Poland, Sailun Tyres from China and Davanti Tyres, which is launching a new range of all-terrain tyres.

Further strengthened by the presence of globally recognised brands such as Aeolus Tyres, Linglong Tires, Nexen, Stamford Tyres and Vee Rubber, this year’s edition expects to receive more than 5,000 attendees from about 80 countries.

Said Ian Wu, Director (Healthcare – Tech) of SingEx Exhibitions: “Tyrexpo Asia, now in its 12th year, was built with an intricate understanding of our customers’ unique needs and wants, specifically in Asia. Through our close connections to the industries that we serve, we are able to dive deep into market needs and trends.

“Recognising the needs of the industry, Tyrexpo Asia is curated to reflect the key needs and challenges of the community and we are confident that we have provided an ideal platform that meets the needs of the industry and creates a truly enabling environment for buyers and sellers,” Wu said. Trading deals at Tyrexpo Asia are targeted and focused, with potential partnership outcomes resulting from more than 75 per cent of business-matching appointments.

Enabling business via learning

Besides generating commercial activity, Tyrexpo Asia is also a valuable platform that springboards onto learning as the broader agenda since the show is a pillar component of the World Rubber Week, which comprises the World Rubber summit. The conference programme tackles practical topics that enable attendees to grow their business from a short- to long-term ROI perspective.

Tyrexpo Asia 2019 partners Enterprise Singapore and the IRSG to form the key pillars of the World Rubber Week, which brings together the entire rubber and tyre ecosystem from plantation owners, rubber product manufacturers and distributors to retailers via the World Rubber Summit and Tyrexpo Asia.

Themed ‘From Evolution to Revolution: New Paths for the Rubber Economy”, the World Rubber Summit would feature topics on Sustainability of Rubber, Innovative Solutions and key dialogues with policy makers, with speakers such as Fazilet Cinaralp, Secretary-General of ETRMA, Daniele Lorenzetti of Apollo Tyres and Nicolas Petit of UNDP.


第12届的亚洲轮胎展(Tyrexpo Asia)将与GarageXpo Asia和亚洲汽车售后市场展会,从2019年3月19日至21日在新加坡EXP同步盛大展出。

亚洲轮胎展,这个亚洲最多公司参与及前往的采购平台,今年加速了势头,将连同2019年GarageXpo Asia和2019年亚洲汽车售后市场展会一起展出。


被誉为轮胎行业里唯一的轮胎展会,吸引来自亚太的80%优质买家和观众 的亚洲轮胎展,今年将迎来80家首次参展的公司如新加坡的Tionale私人有限公司、荷兰的Magna轮胎、波兰的Globe轮胎和中国的赛轮轮胎和将在展会中推介其最新全地形轮胎的Davanti轮胎。

全球著名品牌如风神轮胎、玲珑轮胎、耐克森轮胎、添福胶胎及Vee Rubber的参展,也进一步强化了该展会的阵容。今年这一届展会,预期参展公司将超过5,000家,来自大约80个国家。

SingEx Exhibitions总监(卫生保健 – 科技)Ian Wu说:“目前迎来第12届的亚洲轮胎展是按我们对客户错综复杂需求的了解而筹划的,特别是亚洲区的客户。透过我们与所服务行业的密切联系,我们因此能够深入了解市场需求和趋势。”

“了解行业的需求,让我们得以策划出反映此行业主要需求和挑战的亚洲轮胎展,而我们深信我们提供了一个符合行业需求的平台,也创建了一个有利于买家和卖家的环境。亚洲轮胎展的贸易交易具有目标性,潜在的伙伴关系有超过75% 来自于商业配对预约。


除了商业活动,亚洲轮胎展也是一个宝贵的学习跳板平台,因为该展会也是世界橡胶周(World Rubber Week),包含世界橡胶峰会的重要组成部分。会议议程解决实际问题,确保与会者能够从短期到长期的投资回报率角度增长他们的业务。

2019年亚洲轮胎展伙同新加坡企业(Enterprise Singapore)和IRSG,成为世界橡胶周的主要支柱,透过世界橡胶峰会和亚洲轮胎展将整个橡胶和轮胎生态系统汇聚在一起,从种植业业主、橡胶产品制造商及经销商到零售商。

以“从进化到革命:橡胶经济新路”为主题的世界橡胶峰会,将探讨橡胶持续性、创新解决方案等课题,并与主要决策者对话,主讲人包括欧洲轮胎和橡胶制造协会(ETRMA)秘书长希娜辣(Fazilet Cinaralp)、阿波罗轮胎罗仁泽迪(Daniele Lorenzetti)及UNDP的帕特(Nicolas Petit)。

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