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Vipal Rubber: Safety and Cost Savings for Fleets

The technology and quality of Vipal Rubber products have conquered more and more carriers from all continents and, in Oceania, it’s no different.

Vipal Helps New Zealand Fleets Obtain Major Gains  

The safety, durability, and cost reductions offered by the brand’s products have led to major gains for New Zealand fleets. 

A leader in Latin America and one of the main manufacturers of products for tyre retreading in the world, Vipal has a complete line of treads for all needs and uses. With exclusive designs and high-quality rubber compounds, Vipal treads also bring innovations such as the Eye Control technology, which indicates the tread wear and the suggested moment of the tread removal for greater safety and maintenance of the tyre’s retreadability. 

A Vipal Rubber partner retreading company, located in the South Island, has proven the durability and strength of Vipals treads through tests. After covering a distance of 45.317 kilometres, Vipal‘s VT540 tread presented a 4.2 per cent higher result. In the first test, an Iveco Powerstar three-axle truck was equipped with tyres retreaded with the VT540 in measurements 295/80 R22.5. On the same truck, retreaded tyres with the same measurements were placed with a tread from one of the main market rivals…. 

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Vipal 橡胶:车队的安全和成本节约



Vipal橡胶是拉丁美洲的领导者,也是全球轮胎翻新产品的主要制造商之一,拥有完整的胎面胶系列,可满足所有的需求和用途。除了独特的设计和高品质的复合胶,Vipal 胎面胶还带来了诸如 Eye Control 技术之类的创新。该技术可在胎面花纹被磨损和需要移除时,作出指示和建议,以提高轮胎的安全性和维护轮胎的可翻新性。 

位于南岛的Vipal橡胶翻胎合作伙伴已通过测试证明了Vipal 胎面胶的耐用性和强度。在行驶了45.317公里之后,Vipal的VT540胎面胶的结果提高了4.2%。在第一次的测试中,依维柯 Powerstar 三轴卡车安装商了VT540 翻新轮胎,尺寸为 295/80 R22.5。在同一辆卡车上也安装上了来自主要市场的竞争品牌之一,尺寸相同的翻新轮胎……


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