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Vredestein Ultrac Vorti Tyre Earns Prestige Recognition

Vredestein Ultrac Vorti
Vredestein Ultrac Vorti

With a rich heritage spanning 115 years, Vredestein, the distinguished Dutch brand hailing from the Netherlands, is distinctly European – born of the continent’s essence and attuned to global standards.

Vredestein Tires Earn High Praise from Automotive Experts and Racing Professionals

Fuelled by its European legacy and propelled by a vision to produce ultimate driving experience, Vredestein stands at the forefront of advancing global tyre technology.

In the realm of high-performance tyres, the Vredestein Ultrac Vorti has emerged as a true champion, garnering widespread acclaim and accolade from prestigious magazines. Renowned for its exceptional capabilities and innovative design, this tyre has not only earned the trust of discerning drivers but also captured the attention and admiration of experts in the automotive industry.

Vredestein Malaysia Area Manager Calvin Yong said the Ultrac Vorti, which was manufactured in the Netherlands, was an ultra-high-performance tyre born from a collaboration with the renowned Italian design company Giugaro and created to elevate a motorist driving experience. “Featuring a sleek and sporty look, the Ultrac Vorti stands out with its slim design and distinctive asymmetric profile. This model represents the latest evolution of the successful Ultrac Vorti line under the Dutch brand Vredestein. When changing to new generation series, rather than altering the tread pattern, the engineers focused on increasing the stiffness of the sidewalls and shoulder areas.”

The Ultrac Vorti, he stated, had a 13-per cent larger bead area and stiffer shoulder, which enhanced handling and manoeuvrability as well as provided precise and responsive performance while cornering. It has an asymmetric tread design and high-traction tread compound for increased grip in dry and wet conditions, and features like a stable central rib and Z-shaped slit-like sipes for precise steering. The tyre’s composition and wide circumferential grooves efficiently prevented hydroplaning to ensure strong grip in diverse weather conditions.

“Its advanced design contributes to improved braking distances, handling and grip. Navigating through wet conditions becomes a breeze with the tyre. Its excellent water dispersal capabilities ensure optimal traction on wet surfaces to promise a secure and confident drive. The tyre also offers a comfortable and quiet ride, thanks to Vredestein’s special tyre compound and modern tyre design. The even pressure distribution in the contact area minimises tread wear and allows the tyre to maintain optimal performance throughout its service life. Furthermore, lower fuel consumption and extended tyre life are achieved through next generation body compounds to reduce rolling resistance,” he added.

Thanks to this tyre, he stressed, powerful sports cars could deliver steering precision, reliable grip and a high level of safety during high-speed driving.

“The Ultrac Vorti has earned a multitude of accolades and firmly established itself as a top-tier summer tyre. In Autobild‘s extensive testing in 2020 and subsequent evaluations by other organisations, the tyre secured an impressive #60 ranking out of 943 summer tyres. In the 2022 AutoBild Sports Cars UHP Summer Tyre Test, the Vredestein Ultrac Vorti further solidified its excellence by finishing joint first and surpassing all competitors in the wet handling test. This victory was reiterated in the Auto Bild Sportscars 2022: Summer Tire Test R18, in which the Ultrac Vorti clinched the top spot due to its well-balanced performance. The Ultrac Vorti also achieved first place in a summer tyre group test conducted by AutoBild, securing the title of ‘exemplary’ among ten other products.”

In a separate category, he continued, Autobild‘s ‘mixed tyres’ examination – evaluating performance with two different sizes – the Ultrac Vorti secured an impressive second place. Comprehensive tests in various conditions, including wet and dry surfaces as well as meticulous analysis of braking, aquaplaning and rolling resistance capabilities, showcased the consistent superiority of the Ultrac Vorti. Particularly in wet handling elements, this tyre outperformed the competition to confirm its reliability under challenging conditions.

Partner with Mansory

Vredestein has a partnership with Mansory, a German luxury car ‘tuner’. He pointed out that Rolls-Royce, Bentley, Bugatti, McLaren, Porsche and BMW were a few of the many brands that received a unique and high-profile customisation from Mansory. The predominantly wealthy customer base was not just looking for a unique and spectacular car but also had extremely stringent requirements — just like Mansory itself.

“Because only the very best is good enough, the German specialist is increasingly opting for the Ultra High Performance tyres from Vredestein. This includes the fitment of a 24-inch version of Ultrac Vorti to the Rolls-Royce Cullinan, Urus Venatus wide body, Brabus Rocket 900, Bentley Continental GT-based Mansory Sanguis and Coastline-based on the Rolls-Royce Cullinan.”

The Vredestein Ultrac Vorti is currently available in two sizes – 295/30ZR24 and 355/25ZR24.

Based on the tyre brands of 2022 that were recommend by consumer reports, he proudly stated that Vredestein was ranked number two.

Boasting more than a century of tyre innovation, Vredestein stands as one of the world’s oldest tyre brands and draws inspiration from its rich European heritage. He said Vredestein evolved into a leader in top-tier tyre design and manufacturing and was dedicated to crafting the ‘perfect driving experience’.

“Since its inception in 1908, Vredestein has pioneered exceptional tyre products, from the very first tyre in 1910 to the cutting-edge high-performance tyre technology of today. The brand’s commitment to pioneering tyre technology is evident in its track record of gold medals, world records and a continual reinvention of safe, seamless and precision driving.”

To provide the added peace of mind, customers enjoy a one-year unconditional warranty from the date of purchase, covering damages beyond repair caused by road hazards during normal driving. Vredestein also offers a five-year limited warranty from the purchase date that addresses manufacturing defects in workmanship or materials.

Vredestein prioritises sustainability and eco-friendliness; tyres are engineered for fuel efficiency to reduce carbon emissions and contribute to a greener planet. This eco-conscious approach appeals to environmentally responsible consumers looking to minimise their carbon footprint. Additionally, Vredestein tyres are endorsed by automotive experts and racing professionals, reinforcing the brand’s reputation for superior quality and performance. In summary, Vredestein tyres are different from the others due to their exceptional performance, durability, safety features, environmental responsibility and widespread industry recognition,” he concluded.


威斯登Ultrac Vorti轮胎声誉赢得认可



在高性能轮胎领域,威斯登Ultrac Vorti 已成为真正的冠军,获得了知名杂志的广泛赞誉。该轮胎以其卓越的性能和创新的设计而闻名,不仅赢得了眼光独到的驾驶员的信任,还引起了汽车行业专家的关注和钦佩。

马来西亚威斯登区域经理杨源丰表示,在荷兰制造的 Ultrac Vorti超高性能轮胎,是威斯登与意大利著名设计公司 Giugaro合作下的产品,旨在提升驾驶者的驾驶体验。 “Ultra Vorti具有时尚和运动型外观,以其纤薄的设计和独特的不对称花纹脱颖而出。该款型是荷兰威斯登品牌广受欢迎的Ultrac Vorti系列的新品。在开发此新一代的系列时,工程师们没有改变其花纹,而是专注于增加轮胎胎壁和胎肩区域的硬度。”

他表示,Ultrac Vorti 的胎唇面积增加了13%,胎肩结构更坚硬,提升了轮胎的操控性,提供精确和灵敏的转弯。它采用不对称胎面设计和高牵引力胎面胶配方,以提高干地和湿地的抓地力。此外,其平稳的中央肋和Z形狭缝状刀槽花纹等特点,可实现精确转向。该款轮胎的构造和宽大的圆周凹槽能有效防止打滑,确保在不同天气下的强大抓地力。

他补充说:“Ultrac Vorti的先进设计有助于改善制动距离、操控性和抓地力,能够在潮湿的环境中游刃有余地行驶。其出色的水分散能力,确保湿地的最佳牵引力,从而保证安全、自信的驾驶。威斯登的特殊轮胎配方和现代化设计,带来舒适安静的行驶体验。其接地面的均匀压力分布可最大限度地减少胎面磨损,并使轮胎在整个使用寿命期间保持最佳性能。此外,其下一代车身复合材料不仅可减少滚动阻力,还可降低油耗并延长轮胎寿命。”


“Ultrac Vorti赢得了众多赞誉,并牢牢确立了它作为顶级夏季轮胎的地位。在 Autobild 2020 年的广泛测试以及其他组织随后的评估中,该轮胎在943款夏季轮胎评估中名列第60名,表现令人印象深刻。在2022年 AutoBild 跑车超高性能夏季轮胎测试中, 威斯登Ultrac Vorti 在湿地操控测试中获得并列第一并超越所有竞争对手,进一步巩固了其卓越性能。接着在Auto Bild Sportscars 2022:夏季轮胎测试R18中,Ultrac Vorti又再凭借其均衡的轮胎性能夺得冠军。 Ultrac Vorti 还在 AutoBild主办的夏季轮胎组测试中,击败其他十种产品夺得第一名,获得了‘典范’的称号。”

他续说,在单独类别中,即Autobild的混合轮胎测试(评估两种不同轮胎尺寸的性能),Ultrac Vorti 的表现亮眼,获得第二名。在包括湿地和干地进行的全面测试,还有对制动、打滑及滚动阻力能力的细致分析方面,Ultrac Vorti展示了它一贯的优越性。特别是在湿地操控方面,该轮胎的表现优于竞争对手,证实了其在挑战性条件下的可靠性。



“因为只有最好的才足够好,越来越多德国专家选择威斯登的超高性能轮胎。其中包括将24寸的Ultrac Vorti装配到劳斯莱斯库里南(Rolls-Royce Cullinan)、Urus Venatus 宽体车、Brabus Rocket 900、基于宾利欧陆 GT (Bentley Continental GT-based)的曼索里Sanguis 和基于劳斯莱斯库里南(Rolls-Royce Cullinan)的 Coastline。”

威斯登Ultrac Vorti 目前有两种尺寸可供选择 – 295/30ZR24 和 355/25ZR24。








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