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Wattrun VS31 – Kumho’s Exclusive Tyre for Electric Vehicles

Wattrun VS31 Kumho Tyre

Kumho introduced Wattrun VS31, an exclusive tyre for electric vehicles in urban areas. It is an ultra-light tyre that weighs 25 per cent less compared to general tyres. With an A/A grade EU labelling, the Wattrun VS31 is said to provide good fuel efficiency, excellent grip and handling on wet road as well as quiet and smooth driving.

Kumho Unveils Wattrun VS31, an Exclusive Tire Tailored for Electric Vehicles

With an asymmetric block design that take into consideration the high torque electric vehicle characteristic, the dry and braking performance of Wattrun VS31 is greatly enhanced. Durability, low rolling resistance and noise are achieved through its solid rib tyre centre block design. Tyre road noise is reduced through optimised block sequence and sipe technology, while its three wide grooves pattern provides good water dispersion for strong wet performance.

Other features include higher cord density and optimised belt angle that provide improved uniform contact pressure and wear, and profiled lower tread that enhances tread block stiffness and provides lower rolling resistance. The new optimal bead profile is said to optimise rim contact pressure for handling improvement.

To enhance Wattrun VS31’s emphasis on the electric vehicle’s characteristics and eco-friendly image, its sidewalls are made with a battery image.

The company’s research and development efforts were paid off with Wattrun VS31 winning Germany’s Reddot Design Award 2018 in the category of ‘concept design’.

Since 1955, the annual German Reddot Design Award along with the country’s IF Design Award and the US’s IDEA Design Award are the three awards recognised as the biggest industrial design standards in the world. Through the three design categories of product, communication and concept, originality, usability and practically are the areas judged. The winning products are displayed at the Reddot Design Museums in Germany and Singapore. Kumho Tyre has achieved the triumph of winning the Reddot Award for seven consecutive years, from 2012 to 2018.

Wattrun VS31 -锦湖独家电动车辆轮胎

锦湖推出Wattrun VS31 , 一款专为城市电动车辆所设计的轮胎。这款超轻的轮胎,和一般轮胎相比重量轻了25%。拥有A /A 欧盟标签的Wattrun VS31 ,据说非常省油且具备卓越的湿地抓地力和操控性,驾驶起来既顺畅又安静。

Wattrun VS 31 的不对称花纹块,主要是针对电动车辆的高扭力所设计,大大加强了其干地和湿地的制动能力。它透过其坚固的中央块状肋纹,实现了耐磨、低滚动阻力和低噪音。其优化的刀槽花纹和块状花纹排列,降低轮胎路噪,三条宽敞胎沟提供良好的排水,带来强大的湿地性能。


为了强化Wattrun VS31的电动汽车和环保特点,该轮胎的胎壁上印有一个电池的图像。

如今Wattrun VS31 荣获2018年德国红点设计大奖中的 “设计概念”领域大奖,该公司的研发努力终于获得了回报。

红点设计大奖创立于1955年,参赛类别分为产品设计、传播设计和设计概念三大领域。该奖项被认为是与德国国际设计论坛(IF)、美国国际工业设计优秀奖(IDEA)齐名的世界三大设计奖。得奖的产品将会在德国和新加坡的 红点设计博物馆展出。这是锦湖轮胎从2012年到2018年,连续7年获得该奖项。



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