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Webmax Cloud Workshop Solution Helps Improves Efficiency

Webmax Cloud Workshop Solution
Webmax Cloud Workshop Solution

One Heart Garage became Webmax Cloud Workshop Solution user in 2020.

One Heart : Time Saving and Convenience

Johor-based One Heart Garage Kedai Tayar Pontian & Benkel Kenderaan became Webmax Cloud Workshop Solution user in 2020. The system was given by Prowheels Distributor (M) Sdn Bhd to reward its well-performing dealers.

“Before that, we were using a manual accounting system for recording our daily business transactions. It was quite time consuming with a high error rate, which resulted in inaccurate financial records. Auditing, producing reports and finding specific information were challenging. The Webmax Cloud Workshop System, an all-in-one solution for ordering, invoicing, inventory, human resources and accounting system, enabled us to streamline our daily operation. The only module that we have yet to explore is its customer service feature,” said Mohamad Farhaan Zakaria or best known as Labbu in the industry.

Time saving and convenience, he pointed out, were the two biggest advantages in moving to the cloud-based system. The system allowed easy access to the company’s data and stored information from anywhere and anytime with any device using an internet connection. In addition, automatic syncing and reports could be printed in seconds….

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助力One Heart修车厂提升运营效率

位于柔佛的One Heart Garage Kedai Tayar Pontian & Benkel Kenderaan于2020 年成为 Webmax云端修车厂解决方案的用户。此系统是由Prowheels 经销商(马)私人有限公司提供,以奖励其表现良好的代理商。

法尔汉扎卡里亚(Mohamad Farhaan Zakaria)或业界熟知的拉布(Labbu)表示:“在此之前,我们使用手动会计系统来记录日常业务交易。这不仅非常耗时,而且错误率很高,导致财务记录不准确。无论是审计、生成报告或查找特定信息都很不容易。 Webmax云端修车厂系统是一个集订购、发票、库存、人力资源和会计系统于一体的解决方案,可协助简化我们的日常运营。目前,我们唯一尚未探索的是其客户服务功能。”



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