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Westlake Marketing Malaysia Managing Director Tan Heong Thong: Opportunity or Threat Depends on Stock Availability

Westlake Marketing Tan Heong Thong

Westlake Marketing (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd officially launched the Westlake tyre brand in Malaysia in 2016.

Tan: Covid-19 Impact Level Differed for Various Segments

With the full support of Zhongce Rubber Group in China, the company is all set to grow its brand in the country.

“Initially, the local tyre market mainly reacted to the policies of the local authorities due to the lack of information surrounding Covid-19. The current behaviour of the commercial tyre sector still adheres to the policy quite closely. When the Malaysian government implemented total lockdown and a ban on interstate travel, the commercial tyre sector, especially truck tyres, was very much affected.  Earthmover, Off-the-Road (OTR) and agricultural tyre markets were no better than the truck tyre market, as the impact level differed for the various segments. In conclusion, Malaysia should be classified as having good citizens who complied with the rules or policies set by the government to break the chain of transmission of Covid-19, or probably because of penalties for non-compliance of safety protocols during the pandemic period, “said Managing Director Tan Heong Thong.

All business owners were in a state of panic with the onset of the pandemic two years ago. He pointed out that no one knew what was ahead of them as the rapid spread of the Covid-19 disease played out. It not only challenged the country’s economic and social values, but the pandemic also affected the mental well-being of its citizens……

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董事经理陈贤通表示:“最初,由于缺乏有关冠病的信息,本地轮胎市场主要就是回应政府的政策。商用轮胎行业目前仍然严格遵守该政策。当马来西亚政府实施全面封锁和禁止跨州时,商业轮胎行业,尤其​​是卡车轮胎受到了很大影响。推土机、工程胎 (OTR) 和农用轮胎市场的情况并不比卡车轮胎市场来得好,各个细分市场遭受到的影响程度也各有不同。总的来说,马来西亚人都基本上都是好公民,会去遵守政府为打断传播链而制定的规则或政策,或者也可能是因为受制于大流行期间不遵守安全规定的处罚而乖乖就范。”



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