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Wonder Internation Continues Southeast Asia Reach through Exhibitions

Wonder Exhibitions

In line with the company’s expansion plan in Southeast Asia, tyre servicing and equipment manufacturer Wonder Internation actively participates in various major trade shows in the region. 

Wonder Internation Expands Presence in Southeast Asia through Exhibitions

This year, Managing Director Allen Hsu revealed that the company would participate in the Myanmar International Auto Parts & Accessories Exhibition 2018 (AMPA Myanmar 2018) and Automechanic Philippines 2018. The former would take place from 27th to 29th September at the Yangon Convention Center while the latter runs from 16th to 18th August at the World Trade Center, Metro Manila.

Last year, the company attended the AMPA Myanmar 2017 and the response was described as overwhelming. The greatest achievement from this exhibition, according to Hsu, was that the company successfully found a strong distributor in Myanmar, whom he met on the first day of the exhibition.

“This year, we would participate in the show together with our Myanmar sole distributor,   marking our first year of partnership and cooperation. They are distributing our products in Myanmar including alignment machines, car lifts, tyre changers, tyre balancers and other automotive related equipment. We are confident that through this exhibition we would be able to increase our brand awareness in the local market.”

As for the Automechanic Philippines 2018, although the company would be a first timer, Hsu said it had always been an active player in the Philippine market for more than a decade through its previous dealer.

“Our new dealer, who owned more than 10 tyre shops, would join us in the Automechanic Philippines 2018. All their tyre shops have been using our wheel alignment machine for 12 years. When we provided them training this January, we were deeply impressed that all the wheel alignment machines are well taken care of. We are pleased to have them on board and looking forward to another decade of development in the Philippines.”

As a leader in the Taiwan China tyre servicing market, Hsu added that the company would like to share its innovative technology and solution with emerging markets.


为配合公司的东南亚扩展目标, 轮胎服务及设备制造商万达国际,积极参与该区域里的主要展销会。

董事经理徐崇祐透露说,万达国际今年将参加2018年缅甸国际汽车零部件展(AMPA Mynmar 2018)和2018年菲律宾Automechanic展。前者将于9月27日至29日在仰光会议中心开展,后者则将于8月16日至18日在马尼拉大都会的世贸中心开办。




“我们的新代理,将和我们一同在菲律宾Automechanic展销会中展出。他们在菲律宾拥有超过10家轮胎店。值得一提的是,他们 所有的轮胎店采用我们的四轮定位仪已长达12年。 公司在今年1月为他们提供培训时,发现他们的四轮定位仪都维护得非常好。我们很开心能够与他们合作,并对未来10年的菲律宾业务发展充满期待。”


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