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Yokohama Tyre Corporation Announces Organisational Changes

Several organisational changes were announced by Yokohama Tyre Corporation (YTC) recently with the changes being made effective from March 30, 2021.

A Number of Organisational Changes

Jeff Barna, president of YTC, has been promoted to president and CEO of YTC. Shinichi Takimoto, a senior managing officer of The Yokohama Rubber Co. Ltd. (YRC), and current CEO of YTC, will retain his role as chairman of YTC, as well as president & CEO of Yokohama Corporation of North America (YCNA), chairman of Yokohama Tyre Canada Inc. (YTV), and chairman of Yokohama Tyre Mexico S. de R.L. de C.V. (YTMX).

“I’m honoured and grateful for the opportunity to continue to lead Yokohama in the U.S.,” said Barna. “Our parent company has recognized us as a driver of global growth for our consolidated operations and that is exactly what we intend to do. I’m very much looking forward to officially increasing my involvement with the product and innovation agenda of YDCA and confident that the team we have assembled throughout the country has us in a great position to reach our goals”, he added.

Takehisa Morimoto is the new chairman and president of Yokohama Tyre Manufacturing Mississippi (YTMM). Morimoto, who formerly held a role at Yokohama’s consumer tyre plant in Salem, Virginia and is currently president of Yokohama Tyre Manufacturing Thailand (YTMT), replaces Hikomitsu Noji, who will return to YRC as a senior advisor.

Tom Kenny, currently senior director of research and development at YDCA, has been promoted to vice president of YDCA. Kenny will now report directly to Jeff Barna.

Jeremy Kahrs has been promoted to senior director of technical services at YDCA, from director of technical services. Kahrs will continue to report to Tom Kenny.


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