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ZC Rubber Resumes Full Tyre Production

ZC Rubber Tyre Production

ZC Rubber officially resumed production on February 10, with the first batch of more than 20,000 workers returning to work.

ZC Rubber to Produce Over 120,000 pcs Passenger Car Tyres and 60,000 pcs Truck Tyres

ZC Rubber, the manufacturer of Westlake tyres announced recently that its factories in China and Thailand are back into full operation. The good relationship that the company maintained with raw material suppliers home and abroad is expected to ensure the daily production of more than 120,000 pcs consumer tyres and 60,000 pcs truck tyres will meet the needs of domestic and international demand.

After experiencing problems such as insufficient manpower, insufficient supply and poor logistics in the first 10 days of February this year, ZC Rubber officially resumed production on February 10, with the first batch of more than 20,000 workers returning to work.

During the Covid-19 outbreak, the company set up a mobile rescue team to provide 24-hour free tyre repair service for the vehicles of medical workers in the Hangzhou area. As people returned to work, 7 chain store owners of ZC Auto Space took the initiative to provide free disinfection services for all the customers.

To ensure a safe recovery of the production, the company disinfects the office area, the factory area and the shuttle bus every day, prepares the masks and takes the temperature of the staff every afternoon, thus guarantees each employee’s safety and health.

For the rest of 2020, ZC Rubber foresees that the global tyre industry will be under unprecedented pressure before the pandemic around the world is under control. The demand is declining quickly due to the quarantine of cities, states, and countries, and due to the turmoil brought by exchange rate, oil prices, and the stock market. Thus, ZC Rubber intends to focus its sales efforts on the less-affected markets such as Latin America, Africa and so on, to reduce the loss caused by the decline in the EU, the United States, India and other big markets.

As part of the company’s continued efforts in promoting its new products, ZC Rubber has been holding live broadcasts with tyre experts since 2nd March to explain the technical advantages of its new products.

“The tyre industry used to rely on the traditional offline distribution system. After this outbreak, Chinese tyre practitioners, although forced by circumstances, began to take the initiative, “said Marketing Manager Ge Hongliang.

According to him, the five live shows have been watched by 240,000 people, and more than 30,000 sets of tyres have been sold, bringing online sales to more than 7 million US dollars.

ZC Rubber will actively promote digital production in the future. The construction of the group’s first digital plant is currently underway and is expected to result in significant savings in production costs and labour, thereby further strengthening the company’s competitive advantage.

The ZC Rubber Thailand plant has been less affected by the outbreak, with the factory capacity still up to 100 per cent.

“The spirit of ZC Rubber, which is hard-working and fearless, will inspire the tyres to roll forward. The sales revenue target of 4.3 billion US dollars for 2020 will not change,” said President Shen Jinrong.

In Malaysia, Westlake tyres are imported and distributed by Westlake Marketing (M) Sdn Bhd.




在新冠肺炎爆发期间,该公司设立了流动救援团队,为杭州地区的医护人员提供24小时的免费轮胎修理服务。当人们陆续复工,7家中策车空间连锁门店业主主动为 所有的客户提供免费消毒服务。



作为持续推广新产品的部分努力,中策橡胶自3月2 日以来,举办了几场轮胎专家直播,解读其新产品的优势。

“轮胎行业以前一直依托传统的线下代理分销体系。 疫情一来,只能泡汤。传统轮胎行业的这次破天荒,既来自倒逼,也是主动追寻。” 市场部经理葛洪亮说。






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