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22nd LAUNCH Overseas Distributor Meeting

22nd LAUNCH Distributor Meeting

To better serve the overseas market, Launch Tech organised its 22nd LAUNCH Overseas Distributor Meeting from 6th to 8th June. More than 130 business partners from six continents attended the meeting.

Overseas Distributor Meeting for Launch

Among the highlights were the presentation of the latest innovations in diagnosis technology and the launch of new products, including the X-431 PAD V, which the company claimed was the most powerful diagnostic scanner, the X-431 ADAS, a ‘most easy to use’ ADAS calibration equipment and Pilot Scan, a ‘most user-friendly’ intelligent diagnostic tool to the invited distributors.

Chief Executive Director Charles Liu warmly welcomed the distributors from abroad in his opening speech. “Since our establishment in 1992, our overseas market has grown bigger and bigger. The annual meeting is an indispensable platform for us to collect market information and award our excellent distributors. It also allows us to share the latest technology and the company’s future direction and developments in the global market.”

Charles also gave a brief introduction on the CNC-603 Injector Cleaner and Tester. Compared to the old machine, he said the new CNC-603 had many improvements by integrating the user’s habits.

Following his product introduction was the excellent distributor award presentation. A total of 20 top distributors from the United Kingdom, France, Australia, the Philippines, United Arab Emirates, Ukraine and other countries received the awards from the company’s President Louis Liu.

Alan Xu, Director of International Market Centre, then presented the company’s 2017 performance report and its targets in 2018. The company was said to have achieved record sales in its history with an impressive growth rate.

A series of training programmes were held during the meeting to equip the distributors with new product know-how and technology. There was also a dinner party with a lucky draw session to spice up the event.


元征科技(LAUNCH)于6月6日至8日召开第22届海外经销商会议 ,130名来自全球6大陆的海外经销商伙伴齐聚,见证发展成果,共谋市场发展。

此次的会议重点是为与会者介绍创新的诊断技术和新品,其中包括该公司宣称功能最强大的 X-431 PAD V 诊断仪、X-431 ADAS 、最容易使用的ADAS 校准设备及操作简易的智能诊断工具 Pilot Scan 。


他还简短地介绍了CNC-603喷油嘴清洁器和测试器。与旧款的机器相比,新的CNC -603做了许多改进,考量了使用者的习惯。

在产品介绍之后,元征也为全球20 位杰出合作伙伴进行了表彰。当中包括了来自英国、法国、澳大利亚、菲律宾、阿联酋、乌克兰等国家的优秀经销商上台接受董事长刘易之颁发的表彰。



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