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Bendix Brake Pad Compounds: Semi-metallic

Bendix Brake Pad Compounds

There are three main types of friction material used for the manufacture of brake pads. They are Non Asbestos Organic (NAO), Semi Metallic (Semi-Met), and Low Metallic (Low-Met), and each material is suited to different applications.

Bendix Brake Pad Compounds: Semi-Metallic

Hardworking vehicles such as trucks, vans or cars that do frequent towing require a brake pad that could resist brake fade, last extra-long and still stay quiet.

Semi-metallic brake pads such as the Bendix Metal King Titanium range are seen as highly suited to these vehicles. Containing relatively large amounts of steel and iron, the brake pads are specially designed to be fibrous. This allows gases that form during the manufacturing process to be released, increasing the structural integrity of the brake pad.

Bendix Metal King Titanium brake pads have an ‘insulayer’ to increase its endurance and braking performance, without lowering brake rotor life. It also generates less brake dust and Bendix proprietary brake shims with rubber coating reduce noise from the brake pads.

By increasing brake pad and rotor life, running costs for commercial vehicles are lowered by saving in servicing costs and spending less time off the road.

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