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Bendix Draws Attention to 5 Symptoms of a Bad Brake Calliper

Bendix Brake Calliper

According to Bendix, when a calliper is not functioning well, the car will usually show warning signs to alert the driver. 

Bad Brake Callipers Affect Brake Performance

When it comes to the brake system, we often pay more attention to the brake pads, disc rotor and brake fluid. However, according to brake manufacturer Bendix, there is one crucial component  that is frequently neglected – the Brake Callipers.

The brake callipers, Bendix explains work together with the brake pads and disc rotors, along with the rest of the hydraulic system, to slow and stop the vehicle. When the brake pedal is pressed, brake fluid pressure is pushed through the master cylinder to the calliper, which extends the piston and forces the brake pads against the disc rotors to slow the car. Over time, brake callipers are subjected to intense heat, which is generated when braking. This weakens the callipers and will ultimately affect the car’s braking performance. When a calliper is not functioning well, Bendix pointed out that the car will usually show the following warning signs to alert the driver:

1 Brakes Always Feel Engaged While Driving

If it feels like the brakes are always on even when your foot is off the brake pedal, it could be an indication of a grimy brake calliper that is being caught. The dirty calliper may be stuck in a way that doesn’t allow the brake pads to fully release……

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