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Bridgestone Acquires SBT Certification for CO2 Emission Reduction Targets

Bridgestone SBT Certification

Bridgestone has acquired SBT certification for its medium-term CO2 emissions reduction target for 2030 (Scope 1, 2 and Scope 3).

Bridgestone Pursuing its Goal of Carbon Neutrality

Bridgestone Corporation has obtained approval from Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) or SBT certification for CO2 emissions reduction target for 2030 set by the Bridgestone Group.

SBTi grants certification to companies that have set science-based targets for reducing greenhouse gas emissions. These targets are expected to cover periods of five to 10 years and to comply with the levels stipulated by the Paris Agreement.

Bridgestone has acquired SBT certification for its medium-term CO2 emissions reduction target for 2030 (Scope 1, 2 and Scope 3). Bridgestone is pursuing its goal of carbon neutrality by working to concurrently enhance its contribution to CO2 reduction and minimise CO2 emissions, with emphasis on the importance of rapid and deep emission cuts. To this end, Bridgestone seeks to achieve ongoing improvements in the energy efficiency of its production activities while ramping up efforts to utilise renewable energy. At the same time, Bridgestone strives to reduce CO2 emissions across the value chain and the entirety of product lifecycles, which spans from raw material procurement to distribution, use, reuse, and recycling. Bridgestone has also maintained a rank of A- or above from CDP for the past seven years, indicating that it is exhibiting excellence in combating climate change.

Concrete examples of Bridgestone’s activities include the following.

Minimise CO2 Emissions

  • Promotion of Green and Smart Factories

Bridgestone’s 2030 Long Term Strategic Aspiration, which was announced on August 2022, describes its efforts to promote the Green and Smart factory. Specially, Bridgestone seeks to source more than 50 per cent of its energy (electricity) from renewable energy by 2023 and challenge to achieve approx. 100 per cent renewable energy (electricity) by 2030. Bridgestone has transitioned to renewable energy for all electricity purchased at all of Bridgestone EMIA’s locations in Europe, four plants in Japan (Hikone, Shimonoseki, Tosu, and Kitakyushu), and two plants in China (Tianjin and Wuxi). Bridgestone has also begun using solar power at plants in Thailand, the United States, and Europe.

Enhance Contribution to CO2 Reduction

  • EV Tyres Equipped with Innovative Tyre Technology “Enliten

Bridgestone is expanding its efforts to supply tyres equipped with the Enliten innovative tyre technology designed to provide a new premium for the era of electric vehicles (EVs) and to deliver superior levels of both environmental and driving performance. This technology helps increase the driving distance and electricity efficiency of EVs by reducing tyre rolling resistance. At the same time, Enliten-equipped tyres can be customised to provide the performance sought in EVs. For example, the Enliten technology can be used to lower tyre weight or to help conserve resources through improved wear resistance. With Enliten, Bridgestone aspires to support safety and peace of mind in mobility while making large contributions to sustainability through reduced CO2 emissions and improved resource efficiency.

  • Expansion of Mobility Solutions

Bridgestone provides mobility solutions that help reduce vehicle downtime by using digital technologies to predict vehicle performance and tyre wear while also offering highly efficient tyre replacement and maintenance services to a wide range of customers. As it seeks to support safety and peace of mind in mobility, Bridgestone is developing and expanding its range of solutions that contribute to reduced CO2 emissions during the customer use phase by helping maximise productivity and economic value.

  • Increased Emphasis on Supplier Engagement

In 2021, Bridgestone has partially revised its global sustainable procurement policy. This includes modifications to better shape initiatives to pursue carbon neutrality. Bridgestone also holding explanatory forums on this policy for suppliers in the various regions where Bridgestone conducts business to ensure that they fully understand Bridgestone’s policies and activities. Guided by this policy, Bridgestone will continue working together with suppliers to reduce CO2 emissions in upstream areas of the supply chain.

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