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Bridgestone Teams up with Microsoft to Develop an Intelligent Tyre Monitoring System

Bridgestone Teams Microsoft System

Bridgestone is collaborating with Microsoft to develop a world-first monitoring system for detecting tyre damage issues in real-time.

World’s First Intelligent Tyre Monitoring System

These issues are a serious matter, contributing to some 30 per cent of all car accidents caused by technical failure.

Tyre issues take four main forms: inadequate pressure, fatigue, irregular wear, and lastly, damage from curbs, potholes, or items on the road. Modern vehicles today already have tyre pressure monitoring systems (TPMS) to avoid lower pressure problems. That said, tyre damage can often go undetected without close, manual inspection and can potentially occur at any time.

Currently, Bridgestone’s new Tyre Damage Monitoring System is available to all vehicle fleets and OEM’s that use MCVP. The partnership with Microsoft also enables Bridgestone to further develop its solution to meet the requirements of fleets and key OEM partners around the world.

MCVP provides one consistent, cloud-connected, horizontal platform across digital scenarios on top of which customer-facing solutions can be built, including in-vehicle infotainment, advanced navigation, autonomous driving, telematics and prediction services, as well as over the-air updates (OTA). It includes the enterprise-grade global availability and scale that comes with Microsoft Azure.

MCVP will provide Bridgestone with a digital infrastructure that will accelerate its delivery of connected mobility solutions, providing access to a multitude of Microsoft Azure cloud, AI, and IoT capabilities.

Laurent Dartoux, CEO and President of Bridgestone EMIA, says: “By teaming up with Microsoft, we have the opportunity to bring our Tyre Damage Monitoring System to millions of drivers, offering them better safety and peace of mind.”

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