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Chong Hong One Stop Strives to be Different

Chong Hong One Stop

Putting up Lassa’s signage was another attempt from Ng Kok Hoo, the founder of Chong Hong One Stop at being different.

Lassa Concept Store Focuses on Customer Experience

Johor based Chong Hong One Stop Car Sdn Bhd attracted plenty of attention from the industry with its official opening at Pekan Nanas Industrial Park in 2008. The company is the first in Malaysia to convert a factory building into an automotive one-stop servicing centre.

“Our founder Ng Kok Hoo is a forward thinker. Instead of copying other people’s ideas, he always strives to be different, which has led him to re-envision the tradition methods of running servicing centres. Many followed in his footsteps when they saw a strategically located factory on the main road offers many advantages for businesses. The advantages available include easy access, visibility, sufficient space to accommodate dedicated areas for product displays and different services, as well as the necessary equipment, waiting areas, efficient handling of vehicles, and ample parking space,” said Manager Amos Lim.

Putting up Lassa’s signage, Lim noted was another attempt from Ng at being different. According to Lim, when the company put up the signage in 2015, Lassa was rarely known by Malaysian consumers. “The main advantage of major tyre brands is that they are well-known, but the challenge is if they are widely available and how great the competition is.  Ng was comfortable with the policy of PTS Marketing Sdn Bhd, the sole distributor of Lassa tyres in Malaysia that no other dealerships would be appointed in the same area. Being the only Lassa dealer with coverage from Pekan Nenas to Pontian enabled us to focus more on our business and our present within the market.

Customers Satisfied with Lassa’s Overall Performance

Lim revealed that he tested the Lassa tyres on his own car before selling them to customers. “We managed to convince our customers to give Lassa a try, and the general feedback that we received was they were happy with the overall performance of the tyres.  In fact, Lassa tyres are now seen as comparable with the major brands in terms of quality, grip performance and durability.

Produced by the Brisa Bridgestone Sabancı Tyre Manufacturing Incorporation in Turkey, Lim explained that Lassa exports its tyres to more than 80 countries, including European countries and Taiwan.

Chong Hong One Stop has all the popular Lassa patterns and sizes in stock to meet market demand. “We have Lassa Driveways and Driveways Sport. The Driveways is a comfort tyre that was developed for a considerably wide vehicle pool, ranging from middle class sedans to upper class comfort automobiles. Whereas, the Driveways Sport is a high-performance tyre designed for compact, medium, luxury and sporty car drivers who have a more sporty driving style. Besides that, we also sell some Lassa Transway and Transway 2 light truck tyres to our regular customers.”

Lassa tyres come with a 9-year warranty, which he commented is the longest warranty available in the local market. He said that this shows that the manufacturer of Lassa products has great confidence in their brand.

Today, Lim noted the level of acceptance of the Lassa brand has largely improved, as there has been a noticeable sales volume increase from their two centres. Although both are one-stop car centres and both carry Lassa’s signage, the new Pontian centre is a Lassa Concept store that focuses on customer experience through its store layout, design and product display.  As a forward thinker, Ng didn’t think twice about investing in the Lassa brand, and both centres have reflected his trust and the potential he sees in the brand.

PTS Marketing -Reliable Partner for Good Times and Bad

“Our business has been affected by the Movement Control Order (MCO) implemented by the government to curb the spread of the Covid-19 virus. Many of our customers are from the same districts, with some hailing from other states, which means they can’t come to us. PTS Marketing understands the challenges we currently face during the pandemic and are considerate enough to take a more flexible approach in responding to the changing circumstances as well as the changing expectations. Therefore, being both a partner and dealing with PTS Marketing has always been a pleasant experience. They are indeed a reliable partner for good times and bad.”

According to Lim, Ng started as an automotive servicing apprentice at the age of 15. After 5 years, he decided to set up his own company. Over the years, he successfully grew the one-person company. The first factory unit Ng bought was at Pekan Nanas Industrial Park, followed by a further factory unit in Pontian, which are where his two centres are currently located. Today, Ng is one of the leading players in the industry.

As a one-stop automotive servicing provider, the company offers a complete service from tyre to wheels and retail accessories, through to automotive servicing and repairs, including engine overhaul. They also offer air-conditioning systems servicing to cars and spray paints and car washes. To ensure that they remain competitive and relevant, Lim added that the company’s target is to become a fully-fledged one-stop 4S centre within one to two years.

It is also worth mentioning that the Chong Hong One Stop has taken the initiative since March last year to provide convenient service for customers, helping to reduce physical contact. “We offer complimentary pick-up and drop-offs of service vehicles. Customers can call us to inform us what they want to do instead and after we have their car serviced or repaired with their approval, we will sanitise and return their car to their doorstep. They can pay us using the e-wallet section of our company’s app on their mobile phone.”

Lim added that since Chong Hong One Stop launched its app in September 2019, the company has reached 4,000 registered customers from various states to date. “Registered customers can use our app to buy car accessories and other products such as perfume and incense on the app, make a service appointment as well as to make a payment. When customers top up their e-wallet, they will get special discounts on services and products, which is our way to reward loyal customers.”

The inspiring story of Ng’s many firsts does not end here. Lim revealed that Ng is introducing the app to other tyre servicing and automotive workshop operators while looking at ways to partner together.


2008年,柔佛忠宏一站式在北干那那工业园 (Pekan Nanas Industrial Park)举行开幕仪式时,吸引了业界的广泛关注。当时,该公司是马来西亚首家采用工厂来经营汽车一站式服务中心的公司。


选择挂上Lassa招牌,林俊宏说是黄品泷试图与众不同的又一次尝试。据他表示,当该公司于2015年挂上Lassa招牌时, 知道Lassa品牌的大马消费者不多。“主要轮胎品牌的最大优势是知名度,然而它们的挑战是过于普及和竞争大。黄品泷对马来西亚 Lassa 轮胎独家经销商 PTS行销私人有限公司的政策感到满意,即是他们不会在同一地区委任其他的代理商。作为唯一一家覆盖从北干那那(Pekan Nenas) 到笨珍(Pontian)的Lassa轮胎代理商,我们能够更专注于我们的业务发展和公司在市场上的现况。”


林俊宏透露,在将Lassa轮胎出售给客户前,他曾在自己的汽车上测试过 Lassa 轮胎。 “我们成功说服客户尝试Lassa,我们收到的一般反馈是他们对轮胎的整体性能感到满意。现在人们认为Lassa轮胎无论是在质量、抓地力和耐用性方面都可以与主要品牌相媲美。”

由土耳其 Brisa Bridgestone Sabancı 轮胎制造公司生产,林俊宏解释说,Lassa轮胎出口到 80 多个国家,包括欧洲国家和台湾。

忠宏一站式会库存热销的Lassa款型和尺寸,以满足市场需求。 “我们拥有 Lassa Driveways 和 Driveways Sport的存货。 舒适的Driveways轮胎适用于广泛的车款,从中产阶级轿车到高档舒适型汽车。而 Driveways Sport 是一款高性能轮胎,专为紧凑型、中型、豪华型和运动型汽车而设计,适合运动型的驾驶风格。此外,我们也将一些 Lassa Transway 和 Transway 2 轻型卡车轮胎出售给熟客。”

今天,他指出,从他们的两家一站式汽车服务中心Lassa销量的显著增加,就可以看出人们对 Lassa 品牌的接受度已大幅度提高。虽然两家都是一站式汽车中心,也都挂上了Lassa的招牌,但位于笨珍的新忠宏一站式是一家Lassa概念店,通过店面的布局、设计和产品展示聚焦于客户体验。作为一个具有前瞻性精神的企业家,黄品泷对投资 Lassa 品牌毫不犹豫,他的两家一站式汽车中心都反映了他对这个品牌的信任和看到的潜力。

PTS行销 – 顺境与逆境的好伙伴

“我们的业务受到政府为遏制冠病传播而实施的行动管制令 (MCO) 的影响。我们的许多客户都来自同一地区,但也有些来自其他州,这意味着他们无法来找我们。 PTS 行销了解我们目前在冠病大流行期间面临的挑战,并考虑到采取更灵活的方法来应对不断变化的环境与期望。因此,作为PTS行销的伙伴和与他们合作一直是一种愉快的体验。无论顺境还是逆境,他们确实是可靠的合作伙伴。”

据林俊宏说,黄品泷从15 岁开始当汽车维修学徒。5 年后,他决定成立自己的公司。多年下来,黄品泷成功将一人公司发展成今天的规模。他购买的第一个和第二个的工厂分别位于北干那那工业园和笨珍,也是目前他两家一站式汽车中心的所在地。今天,黄品泷是该行业的领先者之一。

作为一站式汽车服务供应商,该公司提供从轮胎到轮圈及配件零售、汽车保养和维修(包括引擎大修)的完整服务。他们还提供汽车维修、喷漆、空调系统服务及洗车。他补充说,为确保公司保持竞争力和相关性,公司的目标是在一至两年内成为成熟的4S 一站式中心。更值得一提的是,忠宏一站式自去年3月起主动为客户提供便捷服务,减少肢体接触。 “我们提供免费的车辆接送服务。客户可以打电话告诉我们他们想要的服务,我们会在进行他们同意的汽车养护或修理后,将他们的汽车消毒并送至他们家门口。他们可以使用我们公司的手机应用程序里的电子钱包功能付款给我们。”

林俊宏补充说,自忠宏一站式于2019 年 9 月推出其应用程序以来,该公司迄今已拥有 4,000 名来自各州的注册客户。 “注册客户可以使用我们的应用程序购买汽车配件和其他产品,例如香水和熏香,预约服务及付款。当客户为他们的电子钱包充值时,他们将获得服务和产品的特别折扣,这是我们奖励忠实客户的方式。”

黄品泷有许多鼓舞人心的“第一次”,这些故事并没有就此结束。 林俊宏透露,黄品泷如今正在向其他的轮胎维修和汽车修理厂运营商介绍该应用程序,同时寻找合作方式。

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