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DRC, Kian Heng Forge Deeper Collaboration for Market Expansion  

DRC Kian Heng Forge 
DRC Kian Heng Forge 

Vietnam-based Danang Rubber Joint Stock Company (DRC) and Kian Heng Marketing & Enterprise Sdn Bhd established their collaborative efforts a decade ago.

Kian Heng Begins to Distribute DRC Truck Tyres

Kian Heng has been a reliable distributor of DRC’s large-sized bias Off-the-Road (OTR) tyres since then, demonstrating resilience even during the Covid-19 pandemic. Last year, DRC started developing new OTR tyre sizes, including the 18.4-30 range, tailored to meet the needs of the Malaysian agricultural sector,” stated Thao Hien, Export Manager – International Sales, DRC.

She revealed that the company developed semi-steel OTR tyres and introduced two new radial OTR tyre sizes – 1400R25 and 1600 R25 – targeting Vietnam’s port and mining sector this year. Radial OTR tyres are said to be gaining acceptance in the Vietnamese market due to their durability and superior cut resistance. DRC believes that the percentage would become higher in the future. Responding to market demand, Kian Heng requested DRC to develop the 1400R24 size for the Malaysian market.

Apart from OTR tyres, Kian Heng also began distributing DRC truck and bus radial (TBR) tyres two to three years ago, with the D601 and D671 in 295/80R22.5 size. The D601 offers extended tread life, good steering handling, low heat generation and fuel saving while the D671 is equipped with stone rejection and wear resistance, suitable for dry and slippery roads. These tyres are said to have received positive feedback for their ability to achieve an average mileage of 120,000 to 150,000km, depending on application and maintenance. Additionally, they could be retreaded at least three times……

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十年前,越南岘港橡胶股份公司 (DRC) 和健兴市场企业有限公司开始了合作关系。

DRC销售出口经理邵贤(Thao Hien)表示:“自那时起,健兴就一直是DRC大尺寸斜交工程胎 (OTR) 的可靠经销商,即便是在疫情期间该公司也表现出了韧性。去年,DRC开始开发新的工程胎尺寸,包括18.4-30 系列,专为满足马来西亚农业部门的需求而量身定制。”

她透露,该公司开发了半钢工程胎,并于今年推出了两种针对越南港口和采矿业的新子午工程轮胎尺寸——1400R25和1600 R25。据悉,子午工程轮胎凭借着其耐用性和卓越的耐切割性而获得了越南市场的认可。 DRC相信子午工程胎的市占率在未来会更高。为了迎合市场需求,健兴要求DRC为马来西亚市场开发1400R24的工程胎尺寸。

除了工程轮胎外,健兴还在两三年前开始分销DRC卡车及巴士子午(TBR) 轮胎,其中包括尺寸为 295/80R22.5 的D601和D671款型。 D601的使用寿命更长,具有良好的转向操控性、发热低且节油,而D671则是一条耐磨性高的防夹石轮胎,适用于干燥和湿滑道路。这些轮胎据说都在市场上获得积极的反响,它们的平均里程数可达到120,000至150,000公里,具体情况则取决于轮胎的应用和维护。此外,它们可以至少翻新三次……




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