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Dynacargo TBR Tyres Create Value for Customers

Dynacargo TBR Tyres
Dynacargo TBR Tyres

The Dynarcargo truck and bus radial (TBR) tyres have been available in the local market for more than three years and are steadily garnering growing acceptance among fleet companies.

Dynarcargo Offers Wide Range of Products

Mao Qin Wen, General Manager Assistant, Shanxi Yanchang Petroleum Group Rubber, recalled his encounter with James Lai, Managing Director of Kian Heng Marketing & Enterprise Sdn Bhd, during an exhibition in Dubai. Impressed by Lai’s down-to-earth character, they discovered shared values. Both companies prioritise not only tyre sales but also creating value for customer through services, leading to their strategic partnership.

Today, Kian Heng is the sole distributor of Dynarcargo TBR tyres manufactured by Shaanxi Yanchang Petroleum Group Rubber Co, Ltd (Yanchang Rubber). Mao said Dynacargo offered a broad range of applications, featuring a continuous expansion in variety of steer, all position, trailer and mixed service tread designs.

Compared to other Chinese brands, he emphasised that Dynarcargo’s distinctiveness was in product quality. “Dynacargo is positioned as a premium TBR tyre brand and the tyres are all retreadable for at least two times depending on usage. This is indicative of the robust casings the company provides. Furthermore, the company could customise products to align with the specific demands of the Malaysian climate, road conditions and applications…..”

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Dynacargo 巴士及卡车子午胎为客户创造价值


已经在本地市场上市三年多的Dynarcargo卡车及巴士车子午 (TBR) 轮胎,逐渐获得了车队公司的认可。


他强调,与其他的中国品牌相比,Dynarcargo的独特之处在于产品质量。 “Dynacargo的定位为优质卡车及巴士子午轮胎品牌。该公司的所有轮胎,根据使用情况均可至少翻新两次,这显示了我们的胎体坚固耐用。此外,我们还可提供客制化的产品,以满足马来西亚气候、路况和应用的具体需求。”




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