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Easa Trading Hosts Meet & Greet Dinner with Sailun Top Management Team

Easa Trading Sailun Team

The Meet & Greet Dinner was an important occasion for both companies after 13 years of cooperation.

Sailun’s Top Management Visit Easa Trading

Easa Trading Sdn Bhd hosted a special Meet & Great dinner with Sailun’s top management recently at the spectacular Renaissance Johor Bahru Hotel. The event on 17th March was well attended by 60 Easa Trading’s dealers from all over Malaysia who sell Sailun’s passenger car radial tyres and truck and bus radial tyres.

This was an important occasion for both companies after 13 years of cooperation. It marked the first time that Sailun Group Co, Ltd Chairman and President Yuan Zhong Xue had set foot in Malaysia as well as displayed the seriousness and commitment of them working together to better serve Malaysian customers.

In his opening speech, Easa Trading Managing Director Tan Heng Huat welcomed and thanked the dealers for taking the time off from their busy schedule to attend the event. He stressed that the efforts and strong support from them was an important contribution to the company’s fast growth and progress.

Moving forward, Tan said the company would continue to strive for mutual development with focus on quality as the root and sincerity as its top priority.

Meanwhile, Yuan said: “Sailun is a young company with only 16 years of experience in the tyre industry. Our development in Malaysia is pretty good with the choice of a right partner – Easa Trading – from the very beginning. We are really grateful to Easa Trading and its dealers for their unwavering support over the years, especially during the initial state of trial and error for product innovation. I was extremely happy to meet each and every one of you here for the first time and thank you personally.”

The similarity between Sailun and the other tyre manufacturers, he pointed out, was in producing tyres but the difference was that Sailun was made up of a team of tyre professionals. “Our team consists of professors, researchers and teachers that are involved in the rubber and tyre technology. I was the professor and director of Qingdao University of Science & Technology National Engineering Research Center for Rubber and Tire before we established Sailun. We never give up tyre education and research, and we are always at the forefront of technology.”

He revealed that Cooper Tire & Rubber Co, Ltd and Sailun Vietnam Co, Ltd had agreed to set up a joint venture to build a manufacturing plant with the capacity to produce more than 2 million Truck and Bus Radial (TBR) tyres annually. The new plant would be located near Ho Chi Minh City at the site of Sailun Vietnam’s existing operations and would be an automated and digitalised plant.

“We spent 10 years to develop a new rubber compound that provides better friction, tear and cut resistance as well as improved grip performance. It would be used in our tyres sometime next year and some of these tyres would be available in the Malaysian market.”

He assured the dealers on the importance of the Malaysian market. He pointed out that the company had sent sales people to Malaysia in the earlier years to promote its products. But in recent years, the company had changed its approach.

“We sent our engineers here to understand the local applications and requirements to come out with the right products for the Malaysian market. This shows our commitment to the market as well as to product excellence,” he added.

Among the highlights of the night were the performance of a lion dance that kicked off the event, a magic show and entertainment.

Easa 贸易主办赛轮最高管理层见面会

近期,Easa 贸易私人有限公司于新山万丽酒店主办了一个特别的赛轮最高管理层见面会。共有60 名来自全马各地的Easa贸易代理,参与了这个在3月17日盛大举行的活动。这些代理销售赛轮的轿车子午胎和卡车及巴士子午胎。

该活动对两家合作了13年的公司来说意义非凡。这是赛轮集团股份有限公司董事长袁仲雪首次踏足马来西亚,显示了他们的认真与承诺,要 与Easa 贸易联手,为马来西亚的客户提供更好的服务。

Easa 贸易董事经理Tan Heng Huat,在致辞中欢迎和谢谢代理在百忙之中拨冗参加此次的见面会。他强调,代理们的努力与强大的支持是该公司得以迅速增长和进步的主要关键。


与此同时,袁仲雪表示:“赛轮只有16年的轮胎行业经验,是家非常年轻的公司。我们在马来西亚发展得相当好,因为我们打一开始就选对了伙伴—Easa贸易。我们非常感谢Easa 贸易和它的代理们这些年来的鼎力支持,尤其是在我们试验创新产品和发生失误的最初阶段。我很开心能够在这里与大家见面。”

他指出,赛轮与其它制造商的共同点就是生产轮胎,然而不同之处在于赛轮是由一组轮胎专才组成的公司。“我们的小组里有参与橡胶及轮胎技术的教授、研究员及老师。 在我们成立赛轮前,我本身就是青岛科技大学,国家橡胶与轮胎工程技术研究中心的教授及总监。我们从来不曾放弃轮胎的教育和研究,我们总是走在技术的前沿。”






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