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Sailun and EVA Unveil New Car to be Used for the 2021 D1GP

Sailun EVA Car D1GP

Two new Toyota GR supra cars, including the number 91 drift were launched at the Toyota GR Garage in Yokohama in April 2021, in preparation for the 2021 D1 Grand Prix (D1GP).

Sailun and EVA Combine Forces on the 91 Supra Model

Sailun and Eva are ready for the D1 Grand Prix with the launch of two new Toyota GR Supra Cars. The number 91 drift car was one of the models unveiled, which features the official Neon Genesis Evangelion (EVA) image, with Sailun being a core sponsor. Sailun was also unveiled as the official D1GP tyre partner with Gene-R professional racing tyres. Driver Shingo Hatanaka, a member of the Sailun Tire Drift Team, is expected to use the new race car during the competition.

Toyota’s exclusive GR garage features the Supra model, which was launched in 1979 and became a popular brand in the North American market. The second-generation A60 Supra was launched in 1981. Featuring a more sporty look, the fourth-generation Supra model, made in 1993 was significantly redesigned. It was fitted with the 2JZ, a 3 litre-turbocharged inline six-cylinder engine. The high-performance car has since earned its reputation as the “Bull Demon”. After the Supra was featured in the first Fast and Furious film in 2001. The Supra has now been chosen to compete as a drift racing car at the D1GP in 2021, along with Sailun and EVA as its official partners.

How Sailun Entered Drifting Competitions

Apart from manufacturing civilian tyres, Sailun has invested heavily in the research and development of sports tyres in recent years to help round out a complete range of competitive racing products. The Chinese tyre brand will continue with its investment in sports tyre development and has already developed a strategic plan for the program’s future. Since its debut in major races starting in 2018, Sailun has skyrocketed its way to the top of the drifting world with multiple championship wins and top placements in seasons past. Toyota GR’s decision to select Sailun and EVA as its partners is only further recognition of Sailun’s potential growth in the global market. 

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