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Enhanced Performance for Start-Stop

Enhanced Performance Start-Stop

Cars in the early days did not have batteries as the electrical systems were limited. The engine was started with a crank. In 1920, car batteries became widely used as cars were being equipped with electric starters. Over the past two decades, the technology leap in batteries was astounding to keep pace with the evolution of automotive technology.

Optimized Performance for Start-Stop Systems

The impact of automobiles on the environment is increasingly becoming a key concern for car manufacturers. They are under intense pressure to reduce exhaust emission to meet stringent EU standards. Thanks to the start-stop technology, it helps to improve fuel consumption and at the same time reduce emissions to the environment. Vehicles with the start-stop technology are becoming more and more popular in Europe.

The start-stop system automatically shuts off the vehicle engine to save fuel when the vehicle is idling at the traffic lights or during traffic jams. When the vehicle is idling, all electrical devices are powered by the car battery and this places a greater demand on battery capacity. The engine restarts when the driver releases the brake. Thus, the introduction of start-stop vehicles has driven a major change in battery technology and led to the creation of the Enhanced Flooded Battery (EFB) to support the start-stop system.

“In the latest start-stop system where there is an increased number of start operations daily, this places greater stress on the battery. The Bosch Hightec EFB is particularly designed to fulfil the expectations of start-stop characteristics by providing dynamic charge acceptance and cyclic endurance up to 2 times over the standard flooded batteries. Other benefits include better deep cycling property to allow cranking with lower state of charge, higher charge acceptance for lesser charging opportunities and higher thermal stability for use in the engine compartment and hot climate regions, said Pang Yong Kong, Country Manager of Bosch Automotive Aftermarket Malaysia.

“Vehicles with the start-stop function require a battery that could provide significantly more cranking power and a far better charge acceptance than a conventional automotive starter battery. Drivers are recommended to use EFB that provides increased cyclic stability to enable faster recovery from deep discharges and maintain power supply to the electrical devices when the engine shuts off and could restart in a fraction of a second,” said Pang.

Bosch Hightec EFB is designed for entry level start-stop vehicles. Vehicles such as Mazda 2, 3 and CX5 with SkyActiv Technology as well as Toyota Sienta and Lexus NX 200T, among others, are all equipped with EFB by OE manufacturers. For vehicles that come fitted with an EFB, they should be replaced with the same type of battery. Fitting a wrong specification battery could lead to premature failure in the unit and damage the vehicle’s electrical system.

“As a complete solution provider, we also equip our trade people (retailers and workshops) with the right battery charger, namely Bosch BAT 490, a commercial battery charger, for a safe and effective charge before the battery is sold in the market,” added Pang.

“We value each of our loyal retailers and workshop customers and we would like to reward them every time they buy from our authorised distributors. All eXtra loyalty programme members could now earn up to 100 points per scan on Bosch batteries. All they need to do is download the user-friendly Bosch eXtra application for free, which is available in both android and iOs. There is no minimum purchase required to gain rewards,” said Pang.

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当汽车因红灯或塞车而停滞不动时,启停系统会自动关闭汽车引擎,节省燃油消耗。当车子闲置时,车载电子设备的能源供应来自电池,因此汽车对电池的电量要求也就变得更大。当司机释放制动器,引擎就会重新启动。因此,启停汽车的推出,大大改变了电池科技的发展,增强富液电池(Enhanced Flooded Battery),简称为EFB,应运而生,以支持启停系统。

“随着最新启停系统里日常启动操作次数的提高,对电池的压力也就更大。 博世Hightech EFB是针对启停系统特性而设计的,其动态充电接受度和循环耐力比一般常规电池高了两倍。其他的优点有深循环性能,能够以较低的充电状态启动。它的充电接受度更高,可降低充电次数。此外,它具有更高的热稳定性,适用于引擎艙和炎热气候区域。”马来西亚博世汽车后市场国内经理潘垠光表示。

“启停功能汽车无法采用传统汽车启动电池,因为它需要拥有巨大启动力和更好的电接受度的电池。驾驶人被建议采用可提供提升循环稳定性,能够从深度放电快速恢复的EFB ,并在引擎关闭时保持车载电子设备的电流供应,又能在一瞬间重新启动引擎。”他说。

“博世Highec EFB是专为入门级启停汽车而设计,如采用SkyActiv科技的马自达2、3及CX5、丰田Sienta和雷克萨斯NX 200T等,它们的原配电池都是EFB。对于原装配备采用EFB电池的汽车,它们必须更换回同样类型的电池。安装上规格不正确的电池,会导致电池提早失效和破坏汽车的电子系统。

“作为完整解决方案供应商,我们会在销售电池前,为我们的商贸人员(零售商和修车厂客户)提供正确的电池充电器如博世BAT 490商业充电器, 带来安全和高效的充电。”

“我们珍惜忠心的零售商和修车厂客户,因此我们会在他们每一次向我们的授权经销商购买产品时奖励他们。所有的eXtra 奖励计划会员在购买博世电池时,每一次扫描都可获取100积分。他们只需将免费,操作简单的博世eXtra 奖励计划应用程序下载到他们的手机(android 和 ios都适用)。值得一提的是我们没有最低的采购数量规定,每一次采购都能赢取积分。”他补充。

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