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Flying High with Apollo Business Partners at Heart of KLCC Twin Towers

Apollo Business Partners KLCC

More than 200 people from all over the country gathered to celebrate the steady growth of Apollo Tyres in Malaysia and the Asean region. 

Apollo Malaysia Celebrates Steady Growth

Apollo Malaysia hosted a successful business partner event with high attendance recently. The momentous event was held on 15th and 16th June at the luxurious Grand Hyatt Kuala Lumpur, located at the heart of KLCC Twin Towers.

More than 200 people from all over the country, from north, east coast, south, central as well as Sabah and Sarawak, gathered to celebrate the steady growth of Apollo Tyres in Malaysia and also many countries in the Asean region.

For Apollo Tyres’ business partners, the gala dinner was a night to remember. Complementing the finest dining experience were the beautiful wine and beer, entertainment as well as exciting ‘superhero’ performances. Apollo Malaysia honoured its top achievers with prestige awards in recognition of their outstanding performance, commitment and efforts.

There were also fun games to lighten the mood and many exciting lucky draws prizes that awaited winners.

On the following day, there was a convention where Apollo shared its vision and plan for Apollo in Malaysia in the coming years with its business partners.

After the completion of 3 years of regional association with the Manchester United Football Club, which helped Apollo Tyres increased brand visibility all over the world, the company inked a global sponsorship agreement with Manchester United in 2016 for the next 3 years.

Football is something that brings the nation together. Leveraging on this sponsorship, Apollo Tyres Malaysia organised a one-to-one exclusive session for its business partners with the one and only Manchester United legend David May.

Apart from that, Apollo Malaysia also took the opportunity to delight Manchester United fans in Malaysia by organising a Meet-and-Greet session with May. The highlights included fun soccer games, autograph signing sessions and photos with the Manchester United legend. May was sporting and engaged with the crowd, and fans had a chance to share his experience during the peak years of Manchester United.

To wish your favourite football legend on his birthday is every fan’s widest fantasy and heartiest dream. Apollo Tyres Malaysia made the session truly special by hosting a birthday celebration for May. This trilled the fans as they not only shared this joyful moment with their legend, but also wished him ‘happy birthday’ in person.





对阿波罗轮胎业务伙伴来说,这是个难忘的豪华晚宴 。美酒佳肴、余兴节目,还有“超级英雄”表现。为表扬和认可商业伙伴们的承诺与努力, 马来西亚阿波罗也借此盛会颁发奖牌给表现杰出的业务伙伴。



阿波罗轮胎在结束了与曼联足球俱乐部为其 3年,协助该公司在全球提高其品牌可见度的区域性联盟协议后,该公司又在2016年与曼联签署了接下来3年的全球赞助。

足球将全国的人民团结在一起。阿波罗马来西亚利用阿波罗作为赞助商的机会,特别为其代理主办了一个与曼联传奇人物David May 的一对一独家见面会。

为了让本地的球迷开心 ,该公司还为他们主办了一场 与David May的见面会。当天与David May 的互动重点包括有趣的足球游戏、签名和拍照。David May非常大方和亲切,与球迷打成一片,球迷也有机会听他谈谈他在曼联高峰年的经验。

能够亲身祝贺自己喜欢的球星生日快乐,是所有球迷的梦想。马来西亚阿波罗将这个梦想变为事实,特别在见面会里为David May庆生。这让球迷激动不已,因为他们不仅能为为偶像庆祝,还能亲口祝他生日快乐。

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