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Goodyear Eagle F1 SuperSport RS: Custom-made for Porsche 911 GT2 RS & GT3 RS

Goodyear Eagle F1 SuperSport RS

Goodyear developed the Eagle F1 SuperSport RS specially for Porsche Motorsport, with a brief to facilitate record performance on track.

Eagle F1 SuperSport RS – Specially Developed for Porsche Motorsport

Following the recent introduction of the new Eagle F1 SuperSport range, Goodyear announced that the Eagle F1 SuperSport RS was homologated for the Porsche 911 GT2 RS and 911 GT3 RS for the sizes 265/35 ZR 20 (99Y) XL and 325/30 ZR 21 (108Y) XL.

Lead Engineer Porsche Motorsport Jan Frank comments on the new tyre: “The new Goodyear Eagle F1 SuperSport RS has proven to provide the very high-performance level that we from Porsche require. Goodyear has designed a great tyre for us that perfectly fits into the extreme requirements of our Porsche 911 GT2 RS.”

Setting lap times at the Nardò Porsche Test circuit in Nardò, Italy was the final stage of development for the new Eagle F1 SuperSport RS, which marks Goodyears return to the Ultra Ultra High Performance (UUHP) market segment. Nick Harley, managing director of Goodyear OE in the EMEA region, comments: “In the development of the SuperSport RS we have leveraged our talented engineering teams and world class development facilities to produce a world-beating UUHP tyre. The tyre is designed to enhance the performance and handling characteristics of the most specialist machinery on the roads today and in vehicle manufacturer’s development pipelines.”

Tyre Requirements

Fitted with 265/35ZR20 (99Y) XL (front) and 325/30ZR21 (108Y) XL (rear), the GT2 RS usage scenario was said to be particularly challenging. Porsche Motorsport required tyres capable of predictably and exploitably transmitting 700hp and 750Nm through the rear wheels, a challenge compounded by peak torque arriving from just 2500rpm, transferring power to straight-line and cornering performance resulting in superior lap times.

“The list of tyres truly competitive in these conditions is short,” continues Harley. “For the Eagle F1 SuperSport RS to receive the praise it has from a manufacturer with as relentless a pursuit of improvement as Porsche, truly reflects how far Goodyear has moved the UUHP segment on.”

The homologation entails that Porsche would retail the N0-marked Goodyear Eagle F1 SuperSport RS tyres through its dealer network to owners seeking performance and steering precision in dry conditions.

Technical Notes: Goodyear Eagle F1 SuperSport RS

Goodyear developed the Eagle F1 SuperSport RS specially for Porsche Motorsport, with a brief to facilitate record performance on track. Xavier Fraipont, VP EMEA Product Development for Goodyear, is bullish about the tyres capabilities: “Goodyear has a great heritage in motor sport,” he explains. “Now we bring all our experience and knowledge into the new Eagle F1 SuperSport RS, developed in Europe to increase the performance level of super sport cars, with the main focus on all track day performances.”

Benefitting from exhaustive development at Development Center Hanau, Germany where more than hundreds of engineers, scientists and technicians work on new materials, tread designs and manufacturing techniques, the Eagle F1 SuperSport RS is said to bring a number of pioneering developments to the UUHP market:

Pure racing compound maximises dry grip by combining very stiff tread elements with a reduced tread depth. The combined benefit helps maximise the g-forces while minimising movement of tread pattern in extreme cornering conditions, thus providing the driver with both maximum grip level and ‘extremely precise’ steering behaviour.

The adapted tyre construction utilises further lessons from motor sport and bestows the Eagle F1 SuperSport RS with an optimised tyre profile to increase size of contact in combination to strong Aramid winding to keep the pressure distribution constant in different driving conditions and at different speeds. Finally, Goodyear says the tread design features a massive outer shoulder that is designed to optimise transmission of all lateral forces and facilitate extreme cornering stability.

固特异Eagle F1 SuperSport RS

专为保时捷911 GT2 RS 和 GT3 RS量身打造

随着近日全新Eagle F1 SuperSport系列的发布,固特异宣布Eagle F1 SuperSport RS是保时捷911 GT2 RS和911 GT3 RS认可的轮胎,规格为265/35ZR20(99Y)和325/30ZR 21(108Y)XL。

保时捷汽车运动首席工程师法兰克(Jan Frank)评论该条新轮胎:“全新的固特异Eagle F1 SuperSport RS已获证实能够提供我们保时捷所要求的最高性能水平。固特异设计了一条非常好的轮胎,完全符合我们保时捷911 GT2 RS的极端要求。”

全新的Eagle F1 SuperSport RS在意大利Nardò保时捷测试赛道设定单圈时间,完成最后研发阶段。这条轮胎的推出,标志着固特异将重回超高性能轮胎市场。固特异欧洲、中东及非洲区原装配备董事经理哈利(Nick Harley)表示:“我们在研发SuperSport RS时,以我们才华洋溢的工程团队和世界级的研发设施,制造出一条击败了全世界的UUHP轮胎。该款轮胎拥有加强的性能和操控,适合今天公路上的跑车和汽车制造商研发中的车辆。”


GT2 RS前轮安装265/35ZR20(99Y)XL,后轮则安装325/30ZR21(108Y)XL,GT2 RS的使用状况相当具挑战性。保时捷要求轮胎能够透过后轮传输700马力和750牛顿米峰值扭矩,而从2500rpm到达峰值更是加剧对轮胎的挑战,将动力转移到直线和转弯性能,带来卓越的圈数时间。

哈利接着说:“符合这些条件的轮胎不多。Eagle F1 SuperSport RS能够获得赞誉,要归功于它的制造商一如保时捷那样具有不停追求改进的精神,真实反映了固特异在UUHP领域上的进展。”

保时捷在这项认可下,将透过其代理网络将无标志(NO-marked)固特异Eagle F1 Supersport RS轮胎,销售给那些寻求干燥路面性能与转向精确表现的车主。

技术说明:固特异Eagle F1 Supersport RS

固特异为保时捷汽车运动研发了Eagle F1 Supersport RS ,并简短汇报该款新轮胎如何促进赛道上的表现。固特异中东、欧洲及非洲区产品研发副总裁弗赖逢(Xaview Fraipoint)看好该款轮胎的能力:“固特异在赛车运动领域

拥有丰富的经验,如今我们将这些经验和知识都注入到全新的Eagle F1 Supersport RS中。这款在欧洲研发的轮胎是为了提升超级跑车的性能水平,全天的赛道表现正是它的重点。”

据悉,Eagle F1 Supersport RS受益于德国Hanau研发中心详尽的研发,有上百的工程师、科学家及技术人员研究新材料,花纹设计及制造技巧,为UUHP 市场带来开拓性发展。


固特异以其丰富的赛道经验,改善Eagle F1 Supersport RS的轮胎结构和优化轮胎外形,提高轮胎的接地面,坚固的芳纶纤维布缠绕,以便轮胎在不同的驾驶情况和速度中,仍然能够保持一致性的压力分布。最后,固特异表示,该款轮胎拥有巨大的外肩设计,优化测向力和促进极端入弯的平衡性。


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