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Hankook Tire Malaysia Continues to Invest in Dealership Staff Training

Hankook Tire Malaysia

Hankook Tire Malaysia believes that the importance of proper training should not be underestimated.

Hankook Tire Malaysia Stresses the Importance of Effective Training

“Effective training enhances the understanding of Hankook products and positioning as well as the skill of our dealership staff. All these would ultimately have a direct effect on the bottom line. Investing in dealership staff training is essential as they are the frontliners that represent the Hankook brand and would contribute to brand retention,” said Hankook Tire Malaysia.

The content of the Hankook training programme, the company revealed, included a brief background of the company, vision, business updates and direction. “Clear direction and a shared vision of the company future would unify everyone to work towards and enhance effectiveness. The main highlight of the training is our products and to equip our dealership staff with detailed product knowledge so that they could answer customer questions, accurately present our products convincingly and close more sales……”

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该公司透露,韩泰培训计划的内容包括公司的简要背景、愿景、最新业务发展和方向。 “分享公司的明确方向和未来的愿景,能将每一个与会者团结起来,一同努力提高效率。我们的培训重点是产品,为代理商员工提供详细的产品知识,以便他们能够回答客户的问题,准确并令人信服地向客户推介产品并达成更多的销售……”


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