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Hankook Tire Malaysia Organises First TBR Seminar

Hankook Tire Malaysia

Hankook Tire Malaysia recently organised an exclusive Truck and Bus Radial (TBR) tyre seminar for the first time for its local TBR dealers.

Hankook Malaysia Reconnect with its TBR Dealers

Held on 13th September at Pavilion Hotel Kuala Lumpur, this new initiative was aimed at re-connecting with all Hankook’s TBR dealers from the central, northern and southern regions.  Seventeen participants attended the seminar that focused on sharing information and the direction of Hankook product updates.

The topics covered included TBR Original Equipment (OE) Business Status presented by Hankook TBR Manager William Yew, Hankook TBR product overview and positioning and TBR tyres in Malaysia by Dongjun Shin, and Return Basic (Tyre Claim Process) by Hankook Technical Support Manager Nicholas Ng….

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该研讨会于9 月13日在吉隆坡柏威年酒店( Pavilion Hotel)举行,旨在重新与来自中马、北马和南马地区的所有韩泰卡客车子午胎代理商建立联系。共有17名代理商参加了这个以韩泰产品信息共享和发展方向为重点的研讨会。

此研讨会中探讨的课题包括韩泰卡客车经理 William Yew 主讲的卡客车原厂配备轮胎的业务状况、Dongjun Shin主讲的韩泰卡客车产品概述和韩泰卡客车轮胎在马来西亚的市场定位,以及及韩泰技术支援经理 Nicholas Ng的轮胎退货基本政策(轮胎索赔流程)……..


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