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Hankook Tire Malaysia Unveils iON evo and Ventus Prime 4

Hankook Tire iON evo
Hankook Tire iON evo

Hankook Tire Malaysia recently hosted a product launch event, unveiling its innovative tyre offering – the iON evo product line and Ventus Prime 4.

Hankook Plans to Expand Its EV Sizes for Malaysian Market

Hankook Tire‘s iON evo, specifically engineered for Electric Vehicles (EVs), including SUVs (sport utility vehicles), represents the latest addition to the company’s iON series. These tyres are developed to deliver ‘uncompromised performance’ in handling, mileage, low rolling resistance, wet grip and minimal noise.

Both tyres are available in four sizes; the iON evo ranging from 18 to 21 inches and the iON evo SUV variant with sizes ranging from 19 to 22 inches. Hankook Tire Malaysia plans to expand its range of tyre sizes that are tailored to electric vehicles in the Malaysian market.

The iON evo and iON evo SUV are said to be exclusively designed to meet the demand of EVs in handling and grip performance by effectively harnessing the strong initial torque of these vehicles. They are constructed using a high-concentration silica compound and eco-friendly material to meet the desired durability and promote even ground pressure distribution. This allows a longer tyre tread life and reduces the need for frequent replacements….

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大马韩泰轮胎推出iON evo 和Ventus Prime 4


马来西亚韩泰轮胎近期举办了一场产品发布会,推出其创新轮胎产品-iON evo和 Ventus Prime 4。

韩泰轮胎的iON evo专为电动汽车(EV),包括休旅车(SUV)而设计,是该公司iON系列的最新产品。该公司开发这些轮胎的目的,旨在操控性、里程数、低滚动阻力、湿地抓地力和最小噪音方面提供无与伦比的性能。

这两种新轮胎拥有四种尺寸可供选择。iON evo 匹配18至21寸轮毂,iON evo SUV的尺寸则从19至22寸不等。马来西亚韩泰轮胎计划扩大专为马来西亚市场电动汽车量身定制的轮胎尺寸范围。

据悉,iON evo和iON evo SUV是专为满足电动汽车操控和抓地性能的需求而设计的,有效利用了电动汽车强大的初始扭矩。它们采用高浓度的硅胶复合物和环保材料制成,以满足电动车所需的耐磨性并促进胎面接触地面时的均匀压力分布,延长轮胎使用寿命,减少频繁更换轮胎的需要……


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