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Continental Presents ContiConnect – Digital Tyre Monitoring Platform with Unique Sensor

Continental ContiConnect

Continental launched its ContiConnnect digital tyre monitoring platform, allowing fleet managers to see tyre pressure and temperature data for the entire fleet in a single web portal, every time trucks return to the fleet yard. With ContiConnect, fleets could maximise efficiency with routine tyre maintenance and effectively improve up-time of their vehicles. 

Continental Introduces ContiConnect: Cutting-Edge Digital Tyre Monitoring Platform

The worldwide debut took place at the Setia City Convention Centre where Continental’s Commercial Tire Vehicles division unveiled bridging the gap between tyre manufacturer and integrated solutions provider in the ContiConnect.

“It is such an exciting time for Continental in Asia Pacific. The pilot test we ran on ContiConnect in Malaysia and Thailand showed promising results. We are excited to share with our customers how ContiConnect could offer our brand promise of lowest overall driving cost and optimised fleet efficiency. This is an important step Continental is taking towards becoming an integrated solutions provider,” says Philippe Barabinot, Head of Sales & Marketing, Business Region APAC Truck Tires.

How does ContiConnect work? It is a remote tyre monitoring platform that does not depend on telematics or over-the-road connection. Tyre data is collected via sensors mounted on the inner liner of the tyre to prevent damage from kerbing, eliminate theft and ensure the sensor could accurately detect tyre temperature and pressure without being influenced by heat from braking systems. As trucks enter the fleet yard, the yard reader station picks up data from the sensors and transmits it to the ContiConnect web portal via a cellular network.

In the web portal, the fleet manager could immediately access low pressure alerts, track data over time and view reports and analytics for all tyres equipped with sensors. The platform also features customisable text and email notifications, so the fleet manager, maintenance supervisor or other personnel could receive immediate alerts when low tyre pressure or high tyre temperature is recorded. This allows fleets to act proactively to fix issues rather than spending valuable time performing manual pressure checks.

The sensors, revealed Barabinot during the press conference, which cost about 10 per cent of the tyre would last for 6 years.

According to Continental, the ContiConnect helps fleets lower costs and increase uptime in multiple ways: saving maintenance time, protecting tyres from long-term damage, reducing tyre-related breakdowns and wear, and improving fuel efficiency and safety for all road users.

Identifying and resolving tyre issues immediately upon return to the fleet yard also helps ensure maximum removal miles and improved casing retreadability. Continental’s tyre sensors could identify creeping air loss, one of the major causes of tyre failure, before it would typically be noticed in a pre- or post-trip inspection, helping to reduce tyre-related breakdowns on the road. In addition, verifying proper tyre inflation guarantees the highest possible fuel efficiency to save fuel cost, reduces tyre wear for long tyre life and helps prevent tyre blowouts for optimal safety. Tyres are considered an important re-occurring cost for commercial fleets; with ContiConnect, fleets could ensure maximum profitability with the lowest overall driving cost.

Continental offers a range of digital tyre monitoring systems to fit a fleet’s individual business needs. The ContiPressureCheck tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS) is simple to install and constantly displays real-time tyre pressure and temperature to the driver via an in-cab display, along with alerts if issues are identified. This helps protect drivers from top tyre-related safety concerns.



马牌发布其ContiConnect数字轮胎监控平台,让车队经理能够透过单一的网络门户,在卡车每一次回到车队场站时,观察整个车队的胎压和温度 。有了ContiConnect,车队就能最大化提升效率,降低定期轮胎维护成本,有效改善他们车辆的正常运行时间。

ContiConnect的全球首发在Setia City 会议中心盛大举行。马牌汽车轮胎部透过ContiConnet的发布,缩小了它作为轮胎制造商与集成解决方案供应商之间的差距。

“这是亚太马牌公司的精彩时刻。我们在马来西亚和泰国对ContiConnect所进行的探索试验效果良好。我们非常兴奋地与客户分享ContiConnect如何提供我们品牌所承诺的最低总驾驶成本和最佳车队效率。有了这个轮胎监控平台,意味着马牌已从轮胎制造商朝向集成解决方案供应商发展的过程中,迈出了非常重要的一步。”亚太卡车轮胎业务区销售及行销主管巴拉比诺特(Philippe Barabinot)表示。

ContiConnect如何运作?它是个不靠远处信息处理或路上连接系统(over-the-road connection)的远程轮胎监控平台 。轮胎内部搭载的传感器将收集轮胎信息,防止轮胎损伤,消除轮胎盗窃,以及确保该传感器能够在不受制动系统的热量影响下,准确地检测温度和胎压。当卡车进入车队场站,场站读取器就会收取传感器的信息,透过蜂窝网络,将之传至ContiConnect网络门户。

车队经理能够从该网络门户进入低胎压警报、随时追踪数据和查看报告及分析安装上传感器的所有轮胎。此平台还具有定制文本和电邮通知的特别功能,使车队经理、维修主管或其他的人员能够在轮胎面对低气压或高温时即时收获警报 。这允许车队经理主动采取行动,而不是将时间花在动手检查胎压上,被动地解决问题。

巴拉比诺特在记者会上透露说,这个价格约为轮胎售价10%的传感器 ,使用寿命长达6年。


有了ContiConnect,用户就能在卡车一回到场站就确定并解决轮胎问题,确保最大的拆卸里数,提高胎体的可翻新性。马牌轮胎传感器能够察觉轮胎的悄然跑气,也就是轮胎故障的最大原因。 如此细微的跑气,一般只能在启程前或之后检查轮胎后才会发现,因此可协助降低行车时轮胎发生故障的机率。此外,确定轮胎的正确充气还能达到最佳的省油效果,节省燃油成本并降低轮胎磨耗,带来更长的轮胎使用寿命和避免爆胎,确保最佳安全。 轮胎是商业车队最重要的经常性成本,有了ContiConnect,车队如今能透过最低总驾驶成本,最大幅度提高利润。


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