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Continental’s Tyre Plant in Alor Setar Celebrates 40 Years of Success

Continental Tyre Plant Alor Setar

In the course of four decades, the Continental plant in Alor Setar had seen glory, as well as survived bad economic climates.

Continental Alor Setar Reaches 78 Million Production Milestone

Continental celebrated 40 years of success recently. The plant in Alor Setar with state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, which was established in 1979, produces passenger light truck tyres as well as two-wheel tyres in Malaysia for the APAC market.

A special event was hosted at a local hotel on 6 December 2019, with the participation of the management from Continental in Alor Setar as well as around 800 plant employees, who joined together and celebrated the achievements of the company. To honour the company’s remarkable success track, the plant also marked its production milestone for producing the 78 millionth tyre on its 40th anniversary. In the course of four decades, the plant in Alor Setar had seen glory, as well as survived bad economic climates.

“With the 40 years’ experience, our people here at Continental have built a tradition of excellence and have been able to win trust from our customers by offering high quality products and services,” said Carlos Bernabe, General Manager of Continental’s tyre manufacturing plant in Alor Setar. “To conduct business for 40 years is an outstanding accomplishment, but how this plant had grown over the years and achieved the many milestones is amazing. This is a true testament to the people of this plant, who have consistently demonstrated full commitment, teamwork, flexibility, customer focus and the Passion to Win. I’m proud of our team.” he added.

The newly established mixing facility at the location has the potential for growth contribution and high product quality performance, which in expected to secure a competitive position in the global manufacturing market. Over the decades, the plant has received several recognition awards from customers such as Ford, Honda and Proton for delivering excellent products and services.

Continental says it is committed to continuously empower its people. Another recent significant innovative is the company’s newly built Training Centre that demonstrates their commitment in adapting to the contemporary requirements of sustainable development. It’s been 40 years and still, Continental in Alor Setar is proud to be one of the best employers of choice among the residents in town.

The plant started its operation with approximately 100 employees, but currently employs more than 1000 people. Today, not only the workforce has increased, but there are more women working in various positions including on the shopfloor. Continental recognises that diversity is the key substance for pioneering developments for future success. “We do more than just place female employees in various positions. We develop and prepare our female employees for this, give them the proper support and appropriate development programmes,” explained Guvendiran Velayuthan, Head of Human Relations, at the plant.

“It’s truly an honour to work with such a talented and motivated workforce, and I am looking forward to more successful years together. A sincere thanks to our very dedicated team”, added Carlos Bernabe.




“凭借着40年的丰富经验,马牌的工作人员建立起一个卓越传统,通过提供高品质的产品和服务赢得了客户的信赖。”马牌亚罗士打轮胎制造厂总经理贝尔纳贝(Carlos Bernabe)表示:“能够开展业务长达40年是一个卓越的成就,工厂在这些年来如何成长和实现那么多个里程碑真是件奇妙的事!这个成就要归功于我们全体工厂员工始终如一的全力以赴,他们的团队精神、充满弹性和以客为中心及赢得胜利的热情表现。”他补充说。


马牌说,它立志继续增强人民的能力。它近期的另一项巨大创新是新建了一个培训中心,展现了它致力于适应当代对可持续性发展的需求。更令马牌深感自豪的是其亚罗士打工厂从 40年成立至今,仍是该镇上居民认可的最佳雇主之一。

从最初100名到目前超过1,000名员工,增加的不仅是劳动人口,还有在各个部门任职的妇女员工人数,包括车间。马牌认可多样化是开拓发展,获得未来成功的关键要素。“我们不仅仅只是在各个单位采用更多女性员工。我们栽培和准备这些女性员工,为他们提供适当的支持和发展计划。”马牌亚罗士打工厂人力资源主任古温迪兰(Guvendiran Velayuthan)表示。

“我为能够与如此能干和士气高昂的员工共事而深深为荣,我期待未来与他们一起迈向更成功的许多年。我向我们敬业的团队致以最虔诚的谢意。” 贝尔纳贝补充说。

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