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High-Speed Control with Deestone Expedite RA801E Tyre

Deestone Expedite RA801E Tyre

The Expedite RA801E comes in 31 sizes for 16, 17, 18, 19 and 20-inch wheels, and is rated for speeds of 270km/h and 300km/h.

Deestone Expedite RA801E Tyre for Sport Cars Owners

The Deestone Expedite RA801E ultra high performance tyre is aimed at owners of sports cars and medium to large sporty sedans as well as demanding driving enthusiasts who place great importance on handling performance. It comes in 31 sizes for 16, 17, 18, 19 and 20-inch wheels, and is rated for speeds of 270km/h and 300km/h.

Responding to the passion of track and race drivers, the Expedite RA801E was developed under key parameters such as high-speed control and stability, confidence inspiring, good grip on wet and dry surfaces, and being motor sports driven.

In the final stages of development, Deestone engineers tested 575 tyres over 7,457km during a four-month period. In benchmark tests, the Expedite RA801E outperformed the Deestone Carreras R702 street sport tyre in driving comfort, dry and wet handling, steering response, high speed stability and noise control.

The Expedite RA801E tyre was developed under Deestone’s UTT (ultimate tyre technology) philosophy that applies new concepts, material technology and product engineering to a new generation of tyres for improved quality and performance. It combines an innovative bead reinforcement system for better handling and sharper steering response as well as the DSS (Deestone Super Compound) technology that uses a specially formulated silica compound for reduced rolling resistance and longer tyre life.

It was also developed under a vibration reduction concept for ultra high performance tyres and an asymmetric tread pattern for superior control on wet and dry roads. A semi-connecting block design helps to ensure rigidity and thus improve performance during sharp cornering as well as on wet road conditions. The tyre‘s multi sipe shoulder is designed to reduce noise and irregular tyre wear, while the reinforced centre rib provides confident high-speed stability.  A design featuring four straight grooves also ensures better performance on wet roads.

Deestone is the oldest tyre brand in the Asean region and a leading producer of off-road and passenger car tyres as well as tyres for commercial trucks and buses. Set up in Thailand in 1977, Deestone Ltd manufactures high quality automotive and specialty tyres that are priced more reasonably than the competition. Deestone tyres are known for meeting international quality standards.

In the 1980s, Deestone grew at a rapid pace after expanding its product range to cater to the motorcycle and small industrial tyre segment. In the 1990s, the company enjoyed more success by producing bias tyres, bicycle inner tubes and other industrial tyres. In 1995, Deestone received certification from the United States Department of Transportation and this gave the company international recognition and prestige.

Further expansion came in the last decade, with Deestone’s significant penetration into Europe and major Asian markets. Deestone also does its part to reduce its impact on the environment by re-using scrap materials sourced from the tyre production process.

In Malaysia, Deestone is represented by Cooperteams Distribution Sdn Bhd as its distributor.

迪世通Expedite RA801E轮胎


迪世通Expedite RA801E高性能轮胎的目标是运动型汽车、中型及大型运动型房车,以及那些特别重视操控性能,要求严苛热衷于驾驶的车主。这款轮胎有16、17、18及20寸,总共31种规格,270km/h和300km/h两种速度级别。

为了迎合激情赛车手的要求,Expedite RA801E在研发时考虑了各种主要关键参数如高速操控与稳定性、信心、良好的干地和湿地抓地力以及以赛车运动为导向。

在研发该款轮胎的最后阶段,迪世通工程师短短4个月内就测试了575条轮胎,行驶里程超过7,457公里。在基准测试中,无论是驾驶舒适性、干地和湿地操控、转向反应、高速稳定性及噪音控制方面,Expedite RA801E的表现都胜过迪世通Carreras R702。

Expedite RA801E采用迪世通终端轮胎科技(UTT)理念制成。该理念包含了从新概念、原材料技术及产品设计到制造出一条拥有改善的品质和性能的新一代轮胎。它结合了一个创新的胎唇加固系统,提供更好的操控和更敏锐的转向反应,以及独特的硅胶配方,减低滚动阻力和延长轮胎寿命。




该公司在近10年来进一步扩展,迪世通大幅渗透 欧洲和主要的亚洲市场。此外,迪世通还透过重新采用来自轮胎生产过程中的废料,减低它对环境的冲击,为环保贡献做出贡献。

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