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Deestone Distributor Cooperteams Distribution Gains Dealer Satisfaction for Quality Products and Services

Deestone Cooperteams Products Services

Cooperteams Distribution has won the recognition from its dealers through qualityproducts and good services.

Deestone Tyres Gain Dealers’ Confidence

Cooperteams Distribution, the Malaysian distributor for Deestone tyres in Malaysia, has gained the dealers’ confidence and satisfaction through providing quality tyres and good services.

Established by Suvit Vongsariyavanich in 1977, Deestone is a tyre manufacturer based in Om Noi, Samut Sakhon in the central region of Thailand. It is the country’s largest Thai-owned tyre production facility.

The company runs five plants and subsidiaries in Samut Sakhon and Nakhon Pathom. In 2015, Deestone invested around 10 billion baht to increase the production capacity for radial tyres to more than 10 million units.

At present, Deestone has 10,000 employees and 600 dealers nationwide, and exports to more than 120 countries. It makes numerous products such as motorcycle tyres, truck and bus radial tyres, bicycle tyres, agricultural tyres, among other related items.

Deestone’s superior product quality is clearly proven in the international market as it exports to more than 80 countries with the United States, Middle East and Asia as its biggest markets.

Rawang Ming Hock Tyre Service PLT Impressed with Fast Response form Cooperteams

Rawang Ming Hock Tyre Service PLT, one of the largest tyre shops in Rawang, provides a wide range of tyres for truck users.

Managing Director Mah Swee Hock said the company started selling Deestone tyres from 2017. “The main unique point for Deestone is its continuous quality improvement and new product development. We are also impressed and feel happy with the fast response from Cooperteams whenever we face any issues or customer complaints and they carry out attractive dealer programmes.”

“Currently, we are focusing more on the Deestone D314 tyre, which is the hottest selling product in the industrial tractor segment. Besides this, the light truck tyres – D102 and D108 – are also selling well.”

The Deestone D314 bias ply tyres are engineered for industrial tractors. They feature extra wide lugs that provide sufficient surface contact to boost traction and minimise wear. The optimised lug shape also ensures superb handling and smooth rolling.

The space between the lugs provides self-cleaning capabilities while a tough tread compound wears slowly to prolong tyre life. The internal structure of the D314 tyre is robustly constructed to improve high loads and endurance.

The Deestone D102 tyres for light trucks are designed for highway use. They feature the proven 5-rib 4-groove tread design that provides sufficient ride stability and superior handling. The zigzag rib pattern improves traction while the closed shoulder design ensures optimal surface contact to minimise wear and provide better steering. On wet surfaces, the four ribs channel water away for a better contact patch to reduce the risk of hydroplaning and improve traction.

The Deestone D108 comes with the premium rib tread design to offer excellent water dispersion and traction under all-season road conditions. The reinforced carcass assures strength and durability, improving load capacity, while the advanced tread compound is designed for abrasion resistance and increased durability. This tyre is suitable for all wheel positions.

Mah is optimistic about the Deestone’s brand and products. With the increasing brand awareness, product quality and fast response from Cooperteams, he foresees the potential that these bring in the future.

F1 Tyre Satisfied with Products and Services

F1 Tyre Sdn Bhd, a one-stop car service centre, has been selling Deestone tyres since 2017 and it is the sub brand for this centre.

Branch Manager Lee Kean Wen (Ken) has worked in a tyre shop for the past 10 years.

“I choose Deestone as a sub brand because its tyres are of a good quality and affordable. After selling Deestone, we found the customer’s feedback encouraging. And the tyre pattern is nice and long lasting.”

Ken said the workshop received fast response and support from Cooperteams Distribution,especially in marketing and advertisements, as these might help to reach more potential customers.

“They know the market trend and needs, and would come up with strategies and promotions, such as giving more vouchers or rebates to its dealers. It’s definitely helping us to convince more customers to choose Deestone tyres.”

“Nowadays, most customers look for a smooth ride, better comfort and less noisy tyres for daily use. We would introduce the Deestone Premium Tourer RA01 to them.”

Billed as striking a good balance between comfort and performance, the Premium Tourer RA01 tyre comes in 25 sizes for 15, 16 and 17-inch wheels. Developed as a premium comfort tyre for medium to large sedans as well as compact crossovers or sport utility vehicles, the Premium Tourer RA01 tyre features an asymmetric tread pattern for enhanced performance on wet and dry surfaces as well as superior control with an anti-aquaplaning design.

Ken believed Deestone brand would continue to come up with better products and offers to meet the various demands of the market.



Deestone于1977年由Suvit Vongsariyavanich创立,是一家轮胎制造商,总部位于泰国中部地区的Samut Sakhon Om Noi。 它是该国最大的泰国轮胎工厂。

该公司在Samut Sakhon和Nakhon Pathom经营着5家工厂和子公司。 2015年,迪世通投资约1,000万泰铢,将子午胎的产能提升至1000多万条。

目前,Deestone在泰国拥有10,000名员工和600个代理商,并出口到超过120个国家。 它生产许多产品,如:摩哆轮胎、卡车和公共汽车子午胎、自行车轮胎、农用轮胎等相关产品。


Rawang Ming Hock Tyre Service PLT对Cooperteams快速的回应态度印象深刻

Rawang Ming Hock Tyre Service PLT, 是万绕区最大的轮胎商店之一,为卡车用户提供各种轮胎。

公司总经理马瑞强表示:“从2017年开始销售迪世通轮胎。迪世通的主要独特之处在于其持续的质量改进和新产品开发。 每当我们遇到任何问题或客户投诉,Cooperteams都会快速作出回应。此外,他们经常提供具有吸引力的销售优惠和配套,让我们能够更容易地将轮胎卖给顾客。”

“目前,我们的销售主力是迪世通 D314轮胎,这是工业牵引车领域最热销的产品。 除此之外,轻型卡车轮胎D102和D108也相当畅销。”

迪世通 D314是专为工业用牵引车设计的斜交层轮胎。 它们具有超宽的横向花纹,可提供足够的路面接触,从而提高牵引力并减少磨损。 优化的横花间隔确保出色的操控性和平滑的滚动表现。

横向花纹之间的空间拥有自清洁能力,而坚韧的胎面胶料有效减缓磨损以延长轮胎寿命。 D314轮胎的内部结构坚固耐用,可提高负荷和耐用性。

用于轻型卡车的迪世通 D102轮胎专为高速公路使用而设计。 它们采用经过验证的5肋4槽胎面设计,可提供足够的行驶稳定性和出色的操控性。 之字形肋纹可提高牵引力,而封闭式肩部设计可确保最佳表面接触,从而最大限度地减少磨损并提供更好的转向。 在湿滑的路面上,四个肋条有助将水引开,以获得更好的接触面,从而降低滑水风险并提高牵引力。

迪世通 D108采用优肋纹设计,可在全季节路况下提供出色的排水表现和牵引力。 增强型胎体可确保强度和耐用性,提高承载能力,而先进的胎面胶料则具有耐磨性和耐用性。 该轮胎适用于所有车轮位置。

马瑞强对迪世通的品牌和产品持乐观态度。 随着品牌知名度的提高,产品质量和Cooperteams的快速反应,他预见到这些将带来未来的潜力。

F1 Tyre对产品和服务表示满意

F1 Tyre私人有限公司是一站式汽车服务中心,自2017年以来一直在销售迪世通轮胎,它是该中心的子品牌。

分店经理Lee Kean Wen(Ken)过去10年一直在轮胎店工作。

“我选择迪世通作为子品牌,因为它的轮胎质量好,价格实惠。 在开始销售迪世通后,我们发现客户的反馈令人鼓舞。 轮胎花纹设计漂亮、持久耐用。“


“他们了解市场趋势和需求,并提出策略和促销活动,例如向代理商提供更多优惠券或折扣。 这绝对有助于我们说服更多客户选择迪世通轮胎。“

“如今,大多数客户都希望在日常使用中获得平稳的驾驶、更好的舒适性和路噪更低的轮胎。 我们会向他们介绍迪世通 Premium Tourer RA01轮胎。”

Premium Tourer RA01轮胎在舒适性和性能之间取得了很好的平衡,该轮胎提供25种尺寸供选择,适用于15、16和17寸轮圈。 Premium Tourer RA01轮胎作为中型到大型轿车以及紧凑型跨界车或运动型多功能车的优质舒适轮胎而开发,具有不对称胎面花纹,可在干湿表面上提升性能,并通过防滑设计实现卓越控制表现。


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