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Konoha Tyres: Expansion is Possible with Webmax

Konoha Tyres Webmax

Finance Manager of Konoha Tyres, Muhammad Shahir named Webmax software as their best management strategy in its expansion plan.

Webmax – The Best Solution for Konoha Tyres

The 3 year-old Konoha Tyres has raised the benchmark for millenial tyre service providers in Malaysia through several innovative strategies, and named Webmax software as their best management strategy in its expansion plan. Finance Manager of Konoha Tyres, Muhammad Shahir told The Tyreman that the company started in 2017 with a small shoplot in Sri Rampai, expanded to the second outlet at Taman Bolton Industrial Park in late 2018. Both branches have steady stream of customers. The workshops provide general maintenance services such as engine oil change, tyre alignment, balancing, brake car battery replacement and fitment of sport rims, and the management is looking to add on more services in the near future.

As Konoha Tyres is getting busier at the front bays, the back end office too is facing a high volume of administrative work such as more requent purchasing, invoicing, delivery order checking, stock count, customers profiling and so on, and Shahir decided to move into management software for more effective work process, however, after trial with several systems, he grew restless with the various issues faced while using those systems. Through word-of-mouth, he then decided to try Webmax software.

“As far as we can see, Webmax is the best solution for Konoha Tyres. It has a wide coverage for day-to-day management work – from daily transaction to complete accounting, human resource management, complete stock managment and even CRM functions, plus, it does stock tracking, reminder sending and problem detecting. It has lessened our administrative work and makes data available quickly for decision making. I would say it is the backbone for Konoha Tyres’ expansion. It gives us peace of mind.”

Comprehensive Cloud-Based Accounting Software

The Webmax system is geared towards tyre, vehicle after-sales, automotive and related industries, and is a web-based ordering, invoicing, stock controlling and accounting software. Webmax is known as the top-selling and comprehensive cloud-based accounting software in the market, and it allows multiple accounts set-up and is accessible through the system’s mobile application. It is available on iPad, iPhone or Android devices. All the data on the Webmax system is protected and backed up automatically. This gives a real-time monitoring of data and quick retrieval of information, a vital ability for time-sensitive business decision making.

“Our top management often view data on-the-go via their smartphones as they are often away. This helps us tremendously as we can discuss issues immediately, even we are located at different parts of the world. They can view our up-to-date stock availability for immediate replenishment. Webmax manages the stock and provides us with accurate stock count. For us, the system is more reliable than manual stock check. As of now, we have set-up 6 accounts in Webmax for our team members.”

Konoha Tyres builds its name through word-of-mouth, hence customer service and feedback is top priority for the management. Webmax helps the company to manage its customers’ profiles, purchase history, service record, and send reminders.

“Prior to using Webmax, we needed to search for a customer’s purchasing history and service record manually. This takes time and the customer has to wait. Now with just a few clicks we can advise the customer on the parts they’ve changed and when was the last service. An integrated reminder in the system is a great function for CRM. Webmax’s functions and deliverables are in-sync with our business’ motto – where consistency is the key for business. Having a stable and reliable management software system is in fact a very crucial element in any business.”

Webmax management system is offered by Synermax Consulting Pte Ltd and its Malaysian partner Webmax Technologies Sdn Bhd. The company provides a full package from consultation, planning, implementation to maintenance service for Webmax users.

Konoha Tyres:Webmax是大展宏图的好伙伴

刚迈入三周年的Konoha Tyres通过多项新市场和管理策略,提高了大马轮胎服务业门市的基准,并在其扩展计划中将Webmax软件纳为管理策略的一员。该公司于2017年在Sri Rampai开设了第一家门市,快速在2018年底扩展至Taman Bolton工业区的第二家分行。Konoha Tyres财务经理沙希尔(Muhammad Shahir)在接受本刊专访时说,两家门市都有稳定的客户流量,主要提供常规汽车及轮胎维护服务,例如机油更换、轮胎校对和平衡、汽车电池更换以及运动轮辋的安装等等,并希望在不久的将来增加更多服务。

随着Konoha Tyres前线变得越来越繁忙,后勤办公室也面临大量的行政工作,例如更频繁的采购、开票、交货单检查、库存盘点和客户配置文件等等,因此沙希尔决定尝试以管理软件来提高工作效率,但是在试用了多个系统后,他对于使用这些系统时所遇到的各种问题感到不安,琐碎程序无法解决公司的困境,最后通过口耳相传,他随后尝试了Webmax管理软件。

“Webmax拥有Konoha Tyres所需要的一切,是我们后勤办公室必有的解决方案。它涵盖了日常交易制表、完整会计功能、人力资源管理、整体库存管理甚至客户资料管理的功能。此外它还能进行在线库存跟踪,在所需时发送提示和检测问题所在点,这大大减少了我们的管理工作。它提供的数据让管理层能更快速地做出决策,让我们省心,可说是Konoha Tyres扩张的支柱。”


Webmax系统适用于轮胎、车辆售后、汽车及相关行业,涵盖订购、发票、库存控制和会计软件多个重要功能,它是市场上最畅销和最全面的云端会计管理软件,可以让用户设置多个帐户,并且通过系统APP在iPad,iPhone或Android设备上进行操作。 Webmax系统上的所有数据均受到保护并自动备份,提供了对数据的实时监控和信息的快速检索,对于高时效的决策至关重要。


客户的好口碑让Konoha Tyres的业务得以快速扩展,因此管理层非常重视客服和客户的反馈。 Webmax系统帮助该公司管理客户的个人资料、购买记录、服务记录以及发送通知。

“在使用Webmax之前,我们需要亲自动手翻查客户的购买资料和服务记录。 这不仅耗时,还让客户等待。现在,简单的几个按键就可以让客户知道他们已更换的零件以及上次服务的时间,同时提供适合的建议。系统中的集成提醒功能是客户关系管理的一项重要功能。 Webmax的功能和我们公司的座右铭相同 – 那就是保持服务的一致性是成功的关键,实际上,拥有稳定可靠的管理软件系统对于任何企业都是至关重要的成功因素。”

Webmax管理系统由Synermax 咨询私人有限公司及其马来西亚合作伙伴Webmax 科技私人有限公司提供。他们为Webmax用户提供从咨询、规划、实施到维护服务的完整软件配套。





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