Toyo Tire Launches All-New Proxes CR1 into Malaysian Market

Toyo Tire

Proxes CR1 tyres have four distinct benefits, namely silent, safety, high-grade and comfort.

New Proxes CR1 Uses Advance Japanese Techology

Toyo Tyre Sales and Marketing Malaysia Sdn Bhd, a subsidiary of Toyo Tire Corporation, Japan, has held a virtual launch event via Facebook for its latest Proxes CR1 passenger car and SUV tyres in Malaysia recently.

President/Managing Director Tan Song Chye said: “The Proxes CR1 passenger car and SUV tyres are ideal for both Continental and Japanese vehicles, especially between A-segment to D-segment vehicles and SUVs. The result of this well-designed tyre using advanced Japanese technology is sure to satisfy even the most discerning drivers who appreciate a superior performance tyre that consistently performs well under high speeds in both wet and dry road conditions. It also delivers safety, high fuel efficiency and improved noise reduction for enhanced driving pleasure.”

According to the company, Proxes CR1 tyres have four distinct benefits, namely silent, safety, high-grade and comfort.

With the noise reducing materials in the tyre, the new tyre is able to run silently, as it lowers road noise and enhance driving experience. The silent wall and out-in different pitch arrangement collaborate to disperse pitch noise, and a noise protection sheet is incorporated within the construction of the tyre to reduce casing noise. 

The Proxes CR1 offers superior performance in both wet and dry road conditions that ensure safety. On wet roads, it performs commendably due to the tyre’s highly developed drainage system made of wide circumferential grooves that assist in quickly dispelling water from the contact area. On dry roads, the triple taper and rib design improves the performance by securing rib rigidity and suppresses circumferential fluctuation resulting in less uneven wear. In addition, the multi-wave sipes help in the prevention of irregular wear by ensuring block stiffness and a joint-less cap ply improves high speed performance. 

The high-grade of this new tyre is reflected in its overall performance. Toyo Malaysia claimed that the Proxes CR1 produces 11 per cent less road noise and 2 per cent improved reduction in aquaplaning for better performance on wet roads as compared to its predecessor, the Nano Energy 3. The Proxes CR1 has lower rolling resistance for better fuel consumption. 

Comfort of the Proxes CR1 is achieved through the deployment of Toyo’s proprietary advanced technologies - T-Mode and Nano Balance that resulted in a smoother and relaxing drive.

Tengku Djan Ley, Malaysia’s professional drift driver had the opportunity to test the Proxes CR1 first-hand on his Mercedes-Benz C230. His feedback was that the tyre noise level is minimal and he felt comfortable and safe driving both on highways and ordinary roads. 

Proxes CR1 passenger car tyres are available in 36 sizes, ranging from 14 to 18-inch rim diameters, while the Proxes CR1 SUV tyres are available in 9 sizes, ranging from 17 to 19-inch rim diameters. The recommended retail prices for Proxes CR1 passenger car tyres range from RM160 to RM440, while Proxes CR1 SUV tyres range from RM380 to RM580, depending on tyre size. These tyres are available at Toyo Centres and Silverstone Centres throughout Malaysia.

In conjunction with the launch of the Proxes CR1, consumers who purchase a set of four Proxes CR1 tyres will receive a free limited edition Proxes CR1 umbrella, while stocks last. In addition, prizes were given away to 53 lucky winners where the first 3 entries to like, share the video of the virtual and answer five questions correctly won 1 set of four Proxes CR1 tyres.  The remaining 50 winners were each rewarded an RM20 Petronas petrol card.


东洋轮胎为大马市场推介全新 Proxes CR1 轮胎  


东洋轮胎销售及行销马来西亚私人有限公司,日本东洋轮胎株式会社子公司,近日透过其脸书在马来西亚为其最新的Proxes CR1轿车和休旅车(SUV)轮胎举行了一场线上发布会。 

总裁兼董事经理陈泩再表示:“Proxes CR1轿车和SUV轮胎非常适合欧系和日系汽车,特别是AD等级的汽车和SUV。这款使用先进日本技术精心设计的轮胎,能够让最具识别能力,欣赏卓越轮胎性能的驾驶人满意,因为它无论是在湿地或干燥路面的表现始终良好。它安全、非常省油、并具有改善的噪音效果,可提高驾驶乐趣。” 

据该公司表示,Proxes CR1轮胎具有四大优点:宁静、安全、高品质及舒适。


Proxes CR1在潮湿和干燥的道路上具有出色性能,确保安全性。 在潮湿的道路上,该轮胎优秀的排水系统和宽圆周沟槽有助于轮胎接地面的快速排水。在干燥路面,其三段锥形沟肋条设计加强轮胎肋纹刚性,抑制圆周花纹变形,减少轮胎的不均匀磨耗。此外,该轮胎的波纹型刀槽花纹,确保花纹块的刚性,避免不规则磨耗;轮胎的无接缝冠带层则可改善高速性能。

该款新轮胎的高品质,体现在其整体性能上。与上一代Nano Energy 3 相比,马来西亚东洋宣称Proxes CR1减少了11%的路噪,也减少了2% 轮胎打滑的风险,拥有更好的湿地性能。Proxes CR1的滚动阻力更低,也更加节油。

采用东洋专有先进技术-- T-Mode 和Nano Balance研发而成的Proxes CR1,实现了舒适性,提供顺畅和轻松的驾驶。

大马专业漂移车手东姑占( Tengku Djan Ley) 有机会以其马赛地 C230测试 Proxes CR1 轮胎。他的反馈是轮胎噪音低,无论在高速公路还是普通道路上,他都感觉舒适安全。

Proxes CR1 轿车轮胎共推出 36 个 尺寸,直径从 14 至 18 寸,而 Proxes CR1 SUV轮胎则 有 9 种尺寸,直径从 17 至19 寸。Proxes CR1 轿车轮胎的建议零售价介于 160 至 M440令吉之间,而 Proxes CR1 SUV 轮胎则为介于380 至 580令吉,视轮胎尺寸而定。 全马各地的东洋和银石盾中心都有出售这些轮胎。

配合Proxes CR1的推出,凡是购买一套,也就是4条轮胎的消费者将可获赠限量版的Proxes CR1 雨伞,送完为止。此外,参加Proxes CR1 Facebook Live 有奖竞赛的53位幸运获奖者里,首3位成功点击Like、分享视频并正确回答五道问题的获奖者,将可赢得一套Proxes CR1轮胎,而其余50位则各获得一张价值20令吉的马国油(Petronas)汽油卡。

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