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Toyo Proxes TR1 On-Track Experience: Better Grip, Lower Road Noise

Toyo Proxes TR1

The Tyreman had the opportunity to get behind the wheel to experience the braking, handling and grip performance of the new Proxes TR1.

Toyo Proxes TR1 Test Drive

The Tyreman was invited by Toyo Tire Malaysia to attend the new Toyo Proxes TR1 launch recently at the Sepang international circuit. We had the opportunity to get behind the wheel to experience the braking, handling and grip performance and improved levels of the new Proxes TR1.

The on-track experience with the Proxes TR1 tyre included a dynamic drive in the BMW 3 Series, a quick slalom session through a cone-lined course in a Honda Civic, and wet braking and lane change manoeuvres.

Our first drive was in the Honda Civic for the slalom course and braking performance. The slalom section was taken at about 50km/h and we felt that the grip level of the Proxes TR1 tyre was quite linear, which allowed us to maintain car stability through manipulating the steering wheel according to positive directional feedback from the tyre. In addition, since the sidewall of the Proxes TR1 is slightly harder than the T1R, it was felt that the pendulum movement did not greatly affect sidewall deformation and ensured that the tyre provided greater support.

Under the wet road condition braking and lane changing manoeuvres, the Proxes TR1 provided considerable adhesion on the slippery surfaces and allowed the car to successfully stop within the set grid.

For the BMW 3 Series dynamic drive session, from the pit lane to the 1st and 2nd corners, we could immediately feel the improved grip of the new tyres. We could take the subsequent corners with equal confidence due to this better grip performance.

It must be mentioned that no intrusive tyre noise was heard when taking the corners at a high speed, and the good support of the sidewall and assuring adhesion of the tread allowed us to feel more comfortable and drive faster. It was a very good feeling.

The new Proxes TR1 performed well in both drive sessions and with the attractive price, we believe that many performance car owners would give serious consideration to acquiring the Proxes TR1.

东洋Proxes TR1 赛道体验:抓地力更优,路噪较低

《轮胎世界》近日被马来西亚东洋轮胎邀请参与其在雪邦国际赛车场举行的新品东洋Proxes TR1 发布会。我们有机会亲自体验该款新轮胎在制动、操控及抓地力性能方面的各种改善。

东洋ProxesTR1的赛道测试有两个环节,就是分别开着安装上该款轮胎的宝马3系在雪邦赛道疾走以及驾驶本田Civic 进行绕锥稳定测试和湿地刹车与变换车道。

我们首先安驾驶本田 Civic进行绕锥和刹车表现测试。在车速保持约莫 50km/h 进行左右贯穿的绕锥测试下,可以感受 Proxes TR1 轮胎的抓地力表现相当线性,这让驾驶者可以通过方向盘和轮胎与路面接触的力道回馈保持车子在绕锥的稳定表现。此外,由于 Proxes TR1 的胎壁比 T1R 略微硬一些,因此可感受到摆向动作不太会影响胎壁变形,确保轮胎提供更大的支撑力。

在湿地刹和变换车道表现下,Proxes TR1 在湿滑的路面提供相当充足的附着力,并让车子成功刹停于设定方格内。

来到赛道疾走环节,媒体朋友换上马力更强的宝马3系做测试,从维修站出发到 1 号弯通过 2 号即可马上感受轮胎的抓地力表现不俗。继续下来的几个弯角,我们都能从容通过。


整体来说,作为性能轮胎的 Proxes TR1 在两项测试环节都取得良好表现,加上售价大众化,相信许多性能车主将会把 Proxes TR1 纳入考虑名单之内。

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