Linglong Received Letter of Thanks from the Serbian Government

Linglong Tire

Linglong Tire donates disposable surgical masks, medical protective clothing and antibody test kits to the Serbian government.

Linglong Reacts Promptly to Global Pandemic

Recently, Linglong Tire received a letter of thanks from the Serbian government for the company’s great contribution to strengthening the relationship between China and Serbia.

In March, 2020, Linglong Tire donated 300,000 disposable surgical masks, 2,000 sets of medical protective clothing, and 10,000 Covid-19 antibody test kits to the Serbian government through the Embassy of the Republic of Serbia in Beijing, China, trying to help Serbian people in the difficult time.

Linglong also reacted promptly to the global pandemic outbreak. Linglong donated 1,000 KF94 masks to its British partners, then made the donation with another 1,200 units to their French distributors, 1,000 units to their Dutch distributors, and 500 units to their Italian distributors.

Besides, Linglong made donations to African distributors and Japanese distributors. By far, the company have donated nearly 90,000 masks — including KF94 masks and disposable surgical masks — to their overseas distributors.

In recent years, with the promotion of its global strategic layout, the company has built its overseas manufacturing bases in Thailand and Serbia. Linglong actively fulfills the company's responsibility to the local government and the people and strengthen the cultural exchanges between China and the countries its manufacturing bases located in.

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