Yokohama Rubber Announces Renewal of its Floating and Fixed Fender Global Website

Yokohama Rubber

A new, revised global Yokohama website is now available. 

Yokohama Renewal Site Provides More Products and Application Information

The Yokohama Rubber Co., Ltd., has announced that a new, revised global website introducing its floating and fixed fenders (, is online from 27th April.

In addition to a new webpage design, the renewal site provides more extensive information about Yokohama fenders, including its products for special applications, like the ABF-P (Air Block Fenders with Protector Panel) fender for use on docking terminals and its ultra-large fenders. The renewal website is designed to help customers to understand the performance and functionality of the fenders, with examples of actual usage, performance curve data for each size of the ABF-P line-up, and a movie introducing the key features of Yokohama’s ultra-large fenders.

Yokohama Rubber developed the world’s first floating fender in 1958. Since then, more than 40,000 Yokohama fenders have been used around the world. The website renewal is intended to provide a wider range of customers with more information about the ‘superior performance and high-quality’ of Yokohama fenders with actual usage examples. The website is also part of Yokohama Rubber’s efforts, as the leading manufacturer of fenders, to contribute to improving the safety of cargo handling in the oceans.

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