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Sumec Tyre: Lassa Brand Offers Open-Ended Growth Opportunity

Sumec Tyre Lassa Brand

Since day one of the company’s establishment, owner Alan Lim opted for Lassa Tyres‘ signage.

Lassa Tyres Provides Sumec Tyre Company a Niche

Sumec Tyre (Seri Kembangan) Sdn Bhd has celebrated its first 5 years of partnership with PTS Marketing Sdn Bhd, the sole distributor of Lassa tyres in Malaysia.

Since day one of the company’s establishment, owner Alan Lim opted for Lassa Tyres’ signage. “Lassa Tyres is a leading brand in Turkey, founded by the Sabancı Group of Companies and partners in 1974. It was renamed Brisa 10 years after starting production in 1978 after becoming a joint venture partner with the Bridgestone Corporation. Today, Lassa Tyres is not only a reputable brand domestically but in many European countries as well. Therefore, even though Lassa Tyres was new to the Malaysian market at that time, we saw the potential of the brand.”

Starting off as a new player at that time, Lim was deeply aware that the most significant advantage of associating with a well-established brand would be brand awareness. Selling an established brand was easier, as it already had an established customer base, making it easier to attract new customers, he explained. However, the competition is also greater with the well-developed dealer network in Malaysia. On the contrary, he pointed out that investing in a new brand like Lassa Tyres has given the company a niche……

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速美轮胎:Lassa 品牌提供开放式增长机会

速美轮胎和汽车护理有限公司庆祝与马来西亚 Lassa 轮胎独家经销商– PTS行销私人有限公司合作的第一个5年。

从该公司成立的第一天起,业主Alan Lim 就选择了 Lassa轮胎的招牌。 “Lassa是土耳其的领先品牌,1974年由Sabancı 集团公司和其合作伙伴所创立。该公司在与普利司通公司成为合资伙伴后,1978 年开始投入生产,并在10 年后更名为 Brisa。今天的Lassa轮胎不仅在国内,在许多欧洲国家都是一个享有盛誉的品牌。虽然在我们决定挂上Lassa招牌时,它只是个刚刚进入大马市场的新品牌,但我们却看到了它那无穷的潜力。”

当时作为一名新进的业者,他深知与知名品牌产生关联的最大优势是品牌知名度。他解释说,销售一个成熟的品牌更为容易,因为它已经拥有成熟的客户群,而且可以更轻易地吸引新客户。然而,发展良好的知名品牌代理商网络也相对带来更大的竞争。相反地,他指出,投资 Lassa轮胎这样的一个新品牌能够为公司提供一个利基市场……..


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