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Linglong Tire Aims for Stronger Presence in Malaysia

Linglong Tire Malaysia

Shandong Linglong Tire Co, Ltd, which is among the top 20 tyre manufacturers in the world and top 5 in China, aims to make Malaysia a distribution hub for the ASEAN region.

Linglong Tire Strives for a More Robust Presence in Malaysia

“The closest factory we have so far is in Thailand. However, we are keen to expand regionally and have a stronger presence and business operation due to the thriving and robust economy in the ASEAN region. Malaysia is one of the countries that has the potential to expand our presence,” said Chairman Wang Feng.

Currently, Linglong Tire has 8 outlets, mostly in the Klang Valley. The 9th outlet in Seremban was introduced after the launch ceremony of Linglong Tire’s brand promotion in Malaysia.

“We aim to open 30 outlets in Malaysia by 2018, prompted by the good business ties fostered between Malaysia and the Chinese firm,” he added.

Linglong Tire has been in Malaysia for 10 years, focusing on 40 per cent of commercial vehicles and 60 per cent passenger carrying vehicles in East Malaysia and is slowly penetrating Peninsular Malaysia with more than 100 new tyre models.

In the last 5 years, the company through its local partner Greatwall Tyre Group invested on research to understand the Malaysian market requirements as well as work closely with the automotive industry to develop customised tyres to suit local conditions.

“The results enabled us to introduce new tyres that suit the road conditions, weather and wide range of cars and models in Malaysia. Our Thailand plant is now producing 11 million passenger car tyres and 1.2 million truck tyres per month,” he pointed out.

The company’s total sales for 2016 was RM30 million, with sales largely in the passenger car segment. With the introduction of the new range of tyres that are described as value for money, Wang disclosed that the aim was to increase sales by 15 per cent this year.

Linglong’s range of tyres in Malaysia includes run-flat tyres for premium and Continental cars, fleet vehicle tyres for 24-wheeler trucks and agriculture vehicles like tractors as well as all passenger vehicles. There are now more than 200 models available in 1,500 tyre stores currently in Malaysia.

To promote the launch, 10,000 tyres would be offered at a 30-per cent discount to all commercial vehicles that include taxis, Uber and Grab vehicles. These vehicle owners need to download the Linglong mobile application from the app store to enjoy the offer. Taxi drivers may also benefit by having the Linglong Tire advertisement on their vehicles.

This initiatives is open to all Malaysian commercial drivers as part of the Linglong Tire Community Service Responsibility (CSR) effort to give more value, as well as to ease their burden in these hard times.

The company also presented mock cheque to two organisations – PIBG SJK (C) Kung Man and Persatuan Kebangsaan Rumah Victory Youth Centre, with each of them received RM 10,000 during the launch.

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