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Linglong Tire Continues to Expand Global Footprint

Linglong Tire

Linglong‘s consistency in providing premium qualiy products and services has earned the company a leading market position. 

Shandong Linglong Achevies Notable Growth

With its core values founded on quality, innovation and sustainability, Shandong Linglong Tyre Co, Ltd has built a solid track record since its establishment in 1975.

“Our consistency in providing premium quality products and service has earned Linglong Tire a leading market position, bolstered by a growing market global customer base. We would continue our march to strengthen our presence in the global tyre market despite the pandemic, through expanding our cooperation with all existing long-term business partners as well as exploring new partners across the world,” said Vice President, OE Sales, Simon Chua.

Chua has more than 30 years of experience in the tyre industry, spanning manufacturing, customer service, Original Equipment (OE) sales and business development. He began his career at Linglong in 2015. Prior to that, he was with Goodyear.

Under the efforts of Wang Feng, the Chairman and President of Linglong Tire, and his team, the company achieved notable growth not only in OE business but also brand value.

Linglong is now ranked 12th with a turnover of US$2.897 billion in the 2020 global leading tyre manufacturers released by the renowned British tyre magazine Tyrepress, improving from 14th place a year ago. Once again, Linglong has become the ‘fastest riser’.  Additionally, Brand Finance’s data also tipped Linglong as a fast riser, with Linglong soaring as high as 9th in 2020. Linglong is the only Chinese tyre brand that was continuously ranked in the list for three consecutive years – 2020, 2021 and 2022,” he proudly announced…..

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蔡金峰在轮胎行业拥有超过 30年的丰富经验,涉及制造、客户服务、原装配备(OE) 销售和业务发展。 他在2015加入玲珑前,曾在固特异任职。


他自豪地宣布:“在英国著名轮胎杂志 Tyrepress 发布的 2020 年全球领先轮胎制造商中,玲珑以 28.97 亿美元的营业额排名第 12 位,较一年前的第 14 位有所提升。玲珑再一次成为了最快的崛起者。此外,Brand Finance 的数据也显示玲珑是一家快速崛起的轮胎品牌,2020 年玲珑的排名飙升至第 9 位。玲珑是唯一连续三年(2020 年、2021 年和 2022 年)上榜的中国轮胎品牌…..”


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