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Michelin Brand Experience Event

Michelin Brand Experience Event

Michelin recently hosted a three-day Michelin Brand Experience 2023 at the Sepang International Circuit.

Michelin Hosts ‘Ride and Drive’ Experience

Michelin recently hosted a three-day Michelin Brand Experience 2023 at the Sepang International Circuit, allowing its invited guests the opportunity to experience the new Michelin Pilot Sport 5 and Primacy SUV+ tyres first-hand.

With support from its official vehicle partner, Mercedes-Benz Malaysia, more than 215 members of the media, dealers as well as employees from Michelin’s network were treated to an exhilarating ‘Ride and Drive’ experience in which the new Michelin tyres were put to the test, exemplifying Michelin’s promise of ‘Performance Made to Last’.

The drive activities included a gymkhana session with the Pilot Sport 5 for drivers to experience the superior grip and handling of the tyres on tight corners and wet surfaces. There was also an on-road test drive outside of Sepang Circuit to demonstrate the ‘unparalleled’ Primacy SUV+ long-lasting comfort, along with a wet/worn demonstration of the two new tyres to show their braking abilities against several tyres from competitor brands on a wet surface…..

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近日,米其林在雪邦国际赛车场举办2023年米其林品牌体验活动,为受邀嘉宾提供亲身体验其新产品Pilot Sport 5和SUV+轮胎的机会。

在官方合作伙伴马来西亚马赛地的支持下,超过215名媒体人员、代理商以及米其林网络职员得以通过驾乘体验,亲自测试新款米其林轮胎,体现米其林性能持久(Performance Made to Last)的承诺。

该驾驶活动包括绕桩和赛雪邦赛道之外的公路试驾。前者让驾驶员亲身感受米其林Pilot Sport 5轮胎在狭窄弯道和湿滑路面上卓越的抓地力和操控性能,后者则体验米其林Primacy SUV+轮胎无比持久的舒适。此外,还有这两款轮胎在湿地和磨损下的表现,展示米其林轮胎与竞争品牌相比在在湿滑路面上行驶时拥有更佳的制动能力…..


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