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Michelin Introduces Michelin Pilot Sport 4 SUV

The Pilot Sport 4 SUV is developed for ‘excellent longevity, remarkable braking performance, dynamic handling and a comfortable driving experience’.

Michelin Pilot Sport 4 SUV Provides Unlimited Driving Pleasure in Total Safety

Michelin recently unveiled the Michelin Pilot 4 SUV for high performance, premium Sports Utility Vehicles (SUV). The Pilot Sport 4 SUV is developed for ‘excellent longevity, remarkable braking performance, dynamic handling and a comfortable driving experience’. 

Managing Director of Michelin Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Brunei, Pascal Nouvellon, said: “The Michelin Pilot Sport 4 SUV completes our well-established Pilot Sport family with the latest motor sport technology and intelligent enhancements to provide unlimited driving pleasure in total safety. The new tyre features an improved tread pattern and a new tyre compound for better grip and wet braking – staying true to the Michelin Pilot Sport 4 SUV tagline, ‘Out there, you are always in control’.” 

Developed with a new compound that incorporates innovative functional elastomers and thin silica, Michelin said the Pilot Sport 4 SUV was placed first in a wet handling test held against other premium tyre brands. It took up to 5.06 seconds faster to complete the 1,050 metres track than its competitors. The new tyre was also placed first in dry braking with a recorded distance of up to 2.7 metres shorter than competitors. On wet roads, it braked up to 4.9 metres shorter when new and up to 8.5 metres shorter when worn, against competitors. 

The Pilot Sport 4 SUV sports a new asymmetrical groove design that rigidifies the tread pattern and provides ‘excellent grip’ during dynamic cornering. A hybrid belt made of aramid and nylon also provides dynamic steering responsiveness and driving precision. 

Offering ‘excellent longevity’ of up to 13,000 kilometres more than other premium tyre brands, Michelin said the Pilot Sport 4 SUV had an intelligent design that incorporated rigid tread blocks and a high-density double casing ply for increased robustness against road shock damages – giving the driver confidence and safety on the road. 

We gave the Pilot Sport 4 SUV a premium touch design of 91 per cent elegant black finishing to equip the SUV with a sporty appeal. The new tyre was also optimised for superior riding comfort and minimal noise to provide our customers with an enhanced driving pleasure like no other,” said Pascal. 

The new Pilot Sport 4 SUV is available at Tyreplus and all Michelin authorised dealers across the nation in 39 sizes, for rims of 17- to 23-inch diameters. Rim protectors are also available for all dimensions. For more information, visit


米其林推出米其林Pilot Sport 4 SUV


米其林日前为高性能优质休旅车(SUV)推出米其林Pilot Sport 4 SUV。Pilot Sport 4 SUV是专为卓越持久性丶优异刹车性能丶动感操控及舒适驾驶体验而设计的轮胎。 

大马、新加坡、印尼及汶莱米其林董事经理努韦隆(Pascal Nouvellon)说:“米其林 Pilot Sport 4 SUV的推出,让知名的Pilot Sport系列产品更为完整。这款应用最新跑车技术,并具有智慧型强化功能的Pilot Sport 4 SUV可在充分的安全下,提供无与伦比的驾驶乐趣。此新轮胎的改良胎纹和全新的复合胶配方,带来更好的抓地力和湿地制动,完全吻合米其林 Pilot Sport 4 SUV的产品标语‘掌控一切’(Out there, you are always in control)。” 

米其林Pilot Sport 4 SUV采用全新研发,结合创新功能弹性体和薄矽胶的复合胶料制成,它在与其它优质轮胎品牌一起进行的湿地操控测试上名列前茅。它比竞争对手快了5.06秒完成1,050米的跑道测试。它也在乾地刹车测试中排名第一,刹车距离比竞争对手平均短2.7米。在湿滑路面,全新Pilot Sport 4 SUV的刹车距离比竞争对手短4.9米,磨耗时则短8.5米。 

Pilot Sport 4 SUV拥有全新的非对称式胎沟设计,它强化的胎纹可在转弯时提供卓越的抓地力。由芳纶纤维和尼龙制成的混合带束层,带来充满活力的操控反应和精准的驾驶。 

米其林表示,Pilot Sport 4 SUV比其他的优质轮胎品牌的使用寿命更长,可达13,000公里。它智慧型的设计,结合了坚固的花纹块和高密度双层胎体帘布层,拥有更坚固的抗路面冲击能力,让驾驶人开起车来信心满满和安全感十足。






努韦隆说:“我们以91%优雅黑色漆面为Pilot Sport 4 SUV增添优质感,让您的休旅车变得更有跑车魅力。该款新轮胎优化驾乘舒适感和将噪音降至最小,强化客户的驾驶乐趣。”


全新 Pilot Sport 4 SUV如今在全国所有米其林授权代理商公开发售,共推出39种尺寸,轮圈直径从17寸至23寸。公司也供应各种尺寸的轮圈保护套。浏览,查看更多详情。


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