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Michelin Launches New X Multi T2 Truck Tyre

Michelin X Multi T2 Truck Tyre

Recently, Michelin introduced the Michelin X Multi T2 to its tyre portfolio.

Michelin X Multi T2 Truck Tyre Aims at Hauliers

Its latest truck tyre is aimed at hauliers looking for increased safety with cost optimisation and maximum productivity. The robust tyre offers an excellent lifespan as it needs to be changed less frequently and is also lighter due to the use of fewer materials – making it more environmentally friendly.

Michelin Malaysia’s Commercial Director for B2B, Timothy Mitchell said, “The new X Multi T2 tyre is an ideal solution for clients seeking both safety and security for drivers and their goods as well as the optimisation of costs and productivity. Developed within the framework of the ‘Performance and Safety Made to Last’ concept, this tyre offers several  much sought-after advantages that our clients want thanks to the combination of multiple Michelin technologies in a single offer. It is also kinder to the environment…..”

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米其林推介全新X Multi T2卡车轮胎

米其林日前推出了米其林X Multi T2,旨在满足运输业者对更安全、可优化成本和生产力的最新卡车轮胎需求。这款坚固耐用的轮胎拥有长的使用寿命,更换频率低,而且使用的材料较少,重量相对比较轻,也更为环保。

马来西亚米其林企业对企业商务部董事米切尔(Timothy Mitchell)说:“全新的米其林 X Multi T2轮胎是寻求驾驶员和货物安全,优化成本及生产力客户的理想解决方案。此款在‘经久耐用的性能与安全’( Performance and Safety Made to Last)概念框架下研发的轮胎,提供了广受客户欢迎的数项优势,这要归功于米其林成功在单一产品里融汇了多项科技。它也相当环保……”


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