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N.E.S. Oil Seal Showcases Pulzar Lubricants at Automechanika KL

N.E.S. Oil Seal Pulzar Automechanika KL

All Pulzar products are manufactured and produced by at least 3 plants in Bangkok.

N.E.S. Oil Seal Carries Full Range of Pulzar Products

N.E.S. Oil Seal Sdn Bhd was again present at the Automechanika Kuala Lumpur 2019 to showcase its Pulzar engine oils and greases.

“We were appointed by the principal of Pulzar as the Malaysian sole distributor for more than 6 years. Pulzar products are fully imported from Thailand and widely accepted in the local market,” said Business Development Manager Tony Chew.

All Pulzar products are manufactured and produced by at least 3 plants in Bangkok and the innovative formulation of Pulzar was the result of collaborative efforts between the company’s research and development teams and US specialists. Currently, the brand is ranked top 3 in the Thailand market.

N.E.S. Oil Seal carries the full range of Pulzar products including engine oils, which cover passenger cars, 4-wheel drives, trucks and buses. This includes the Super Synthetic motor oil, a fully formulated and long lasting lubricant for high performance gasoline engines; Semi Synthetic motor oil that is designed for gasoline engines, including hybrids and eco vehicles, High Mileage motor oil, which is described as a superior lubricant for high mileage engines, and Hypermax motor oil, a premium semi or fully synthetic engine oil for high performance 4×4 turbodiesel common-rail direct injection engines.

Apart from that, he continued, the company also brought in the heavy duty engine oils such as the Long Life motor oil for use in gasoline engines as well as on-road diesel trucks, heavy duty construction equipment, mining equipment, oil field engines, farm vehicles and passenger cars that are manufactured in Europe, Japan and America, among other countries.

Distributing the Pulzar products and services through retail shops, N.E.S. Oil Seal is a subsidiary of the N.E.S. Group of Companies that was established in 1991. The group had a humble beginning as a trading company in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, engaging in the trading and distribution of high quality branded oil seals for the automotive and machinery industries. It also specialises in the distribution of gaskets, o-rings, power steering kits, brake systems, and other engine and chassis parts.

N.E.S Oil Seal于Automechanika Kuala Lumpur


N. E. S Oil Seal 于Automechanika Kuala Lumpur展示其Pulzar润滑产品。



N.E.S Oil Seal销售Pulzar全系列产品,从轿车、四驱车、卡车到巴士的引擎油。这包括超级合成机油,采用能为汽油引擎持久性能配方配制而成。半合成机油,特别为汽油引擎而研制,包括混合动力和环保车辆。 高里数机油,一种被宣称为卓越的高里数引擎油,以及 Hypermax 机油,适合高性能涡轮柴油共轨直喷引擎的优质半合成或全合成引擎油。

他继续,除此之外,该公司也引进了适合重型汽油引擎和柴油卡车、重型建筑设备、矿场设备、油田引擎、农业车辆及欧洲、日本及美国汽车使用的重型引擎油如长寿(Long Life)机油。

N.E.S Oil Seal是成立于1991年的N. E.S集团公司子公司,它透过零售店销售Pulzar产品,。该公司从一家位于吉隆坡中心的小规模贸易公司做起,经营汽车和机器工业的名牌高品质油封。它也专业经销垫圈、O型环、动力转向套件、制动系统及其它引擎及底盘部件。

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